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Enter a New World, The Successor to Planet Earth...
  Gamma World®  is a world of  science fantasy role playing.  Set in the near future (after 2471 A.D.), Gamma World® tells the story of the people of earth who, after rising to unprecedented heights of technological advancement, were destroyed in a terrible cataclysm of civil war involving nuclear weapons, combat robots, biogenetical plagues, and other unspeakable horrors... Join the Brave suriviors in a world gone mad... a world full of danger... A world filled with mutants... radioactive mutants, and biogenetic mutants. As a representative of a new Earth, you must help to build a new future.... a better future...

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Wayun - Fort Wayne, Indiana Area 2471 AD - Gamma World Campaign Materials
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Vegaz - Mead Valley - Sonora Desert - 2471 AD - Gamma World Campaign Materials
Vegaz Campaign Resources

Colorado - 2471 AD - Gamma World Campaign Materials
Colorado GW Campaign Resources

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