About your GM
Dirk Collins
Hi Everyone,
A bit about me for those of you curious to know me a little better. They say pictures are worth a thousand words.  Yup, that's me, in June of 2000. The picture was taken on a trail ride on a dude ranch high in the Colorado Rockies. My significant other, took the picture. She was on horseback as well, we were both moving, and I had to lean in to make sure I wasn't cut off in the picture. I wasn't going to fall off the horse... honest...

The middle pix is of Sheba, our black and white border collie, taken while we were canoeing on the Whitewater River here in Indiana in July. Sheba isn't a good swimmer, hence the life vest. Fortunately, no one had a camera on us the time that I had to get her across the river. I never knew dogs could cling with their claws before...

The picture on the right, above is of our two cats Chili and Tamali. They are, of course, hogging the bed as usual. Note, I don't willingly share my bed with cats, they just make themselves comfortable all on their own. The only time it's a good thing, is in the winter, then they warm up the blankets for us.

Currently, I'm working as a freelance tech consultant, graphic artist, and technical writer.  I'm 30 some, and a few more years old... My hobbies include gaming, drawing, bookbinding, publishing, writing,  reading, swimming, canoeing, and of course, on occassion, horseback riding.

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