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by Dirk T. Collins

 Tactical Maps! 

Dauphin Island
Ready for some Nautical action? Check out Dauphin Island! This .2 mile triumphant Grand Tactical Map features a small Isle, really no more than a rock outcropping with a village and a hilltop castle too. The natural harbor will easily protect one large sailing ship from the natural elements. Two additional large ships could also be anchored in the Bay, provided of course, you have good crews on the ships' boats neccesary to navigate the treacherous channel! To the west of the castle, there is the 
ruins of an older stronghold, rubble in most places, with a great many places of mystery. Will your players make this Isle their new home, or will they just visit and restock supplies by trading with the natives. Is this a stonghold of Sea Raiders, Swashbucklers, and Buccanneers? 
You decide...

Dauphin Isle
.2 Mile Triumphant Grand Tactical

Farm Hex
So the players are ready for a break, ehh? Here is a trimuphant grand tactical .2 mile hex of a countryside farming area. There are a few interesting people to meet here as well as some useful info to be gained for adventuring. Nothing quite like a nice quiet spot to gain a bit of rest and recreation, but everything won't quite go as planned for your weary adventurers should they elect to remain here for awhile. For one, there is the mysterious locked Wizards' tower on the low hill overlooking the farm valley. Nobody can remember when the Wizard Thetis was last seen in these parts, and there's the rumors of caves and caverns that lead to the underworld. But then again, with as much whiskey as these simple folk drink, who knows if they are shining you on.

Foghollow Valley
.2 Mile Trimphant Grand Tactical

 U.S. Eastern Seaboard Fantasy Map
From New London, Connecticut to Norfolk, Virginia, this 17"x22" 5 mile (approximate) to the hex campaign map has some subtle and not so subtle changes from the actual coastline. Great for Colonial games, as well as post apocalpytic, and far future adventures, you can download and print the Eastern Seaboard Fantasy Map now! The original map is for sale as well, if you would prefer to have that instead!

U.S. Eastern Seaboard Campaign Fantasy Map
scale = 5 miles to the hex (approximate)
Print Size 17" x 22" 200 DPI

New Magic 

Every time this page is updated you'll find new Dungeons and Dragons spells and magic Items you can add to your campaign. I have decided to do up each spell/item for 0/1st, 2nd, and 3rd edition D&D. 


A Christmas Editorial
2002 has been a good year for gaming. More products have become available than ever before for your favorite RPG or boardgame. Still though, Tabletop RPG gaming is shrinking in comparison to other hobbies and pastimes available now. What can we do about it? Time to take the gloves off and try a few things out...

1. Invite at least one new person to join the gaming group for every gaming session you host. If it gets to be too much for you, just have one of your better players start GMing and break off a splinter group of players to join the new GM.

2. GM for an entirely brand new group of  people from the "Real World". Just tell them they'll be joining an acting group to solve a mystery for an evening, and build your game around that!

3. Recruit Recruiters... That is, find people (Not gamers) who will help you in finding new players, by putting the word out about your pastime. Bribery works. Don't be afraid to bribe your recruiters with whatever you feel is appropriate.

4. Orchestrate a gaming day in a public place in your city or town. Print up flyers, post them, hand them out, get your gaming recruits to hand them out, get a GM and event coordinator, and go to town. New people curious about gaming invariably show up. Have someone ready to teach them the art of roleplaying!

5. Win-Win. You always want to create a win-win situation when you do this, and always be on the lookout for ways to do this when you are gaming, and when you are recruiting new players into the game.


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Welcome to your gateway to adventure...

Tamerthya is worlds of Fantasy and Science Fiction role playing. It is a project that belongs to all of you, for my fellow game masters, and for all fantasy role-playing gamers as well.  Many thanks to all of you, who have brought me so much pleasure as a gamer, and game host, over the years. Join us, Bold Adventurers... Lords,  Ladies, Bards or Minstrels, Warriors, Rogues, Mages, and Clerics, for a time… in the Realms of Tamerthya.... 

Gaming News

A Hearty Thank You!
To more than 20,026 unique visitors to my humble roleplay gaming website so far this year.  I'm hoping to be able to offer even better gaming resources for you in 2003!  That is, on the new website, of course...

Top Ten of 2002
Here is a list of the top ten most popular webpages on this website in 2002, along with a few comments for you!

1. The 30mm Fantasy Floorplans Page
The single most popular page on this website, featuring  print-n-play fantasy floorplans suitable for use with 25mm or 30mm miniatures that you can print directly from your web browser. The new floorplan for this week features the Modern Building Series, U.K. city block. My release schedule for new floorplans has been really mangled over the last two months on account of unexpected travel time, in moving to a new home, and in upgrading this web site.  Still, this year, I managed to release 33 different new floorplan sets for you! That is better than the 29 for last year. These floorplans include a royalty free license so you can use them in your games or feature them on your website if you like!

30mm Floorplans

2. This Page

3. The Links Page
One of the more comprehensive directories to internet roleplaying and boardgame sites available with well over 1,000 links to other websites on the net. Takes a bit of time to fetch the entire page though, so save the page to your hard disk. Think of it as Yellow Pages for gaming!

Tamerthya Links

4. AFVLinks
The Modern Building Series, All Terrain Vehicles, Armored Personnel Carriers, and Armored Cars was the single post popular  tileset available this year, almost four thousand gamers visited this page at least once! A modern vehicle tileset for use with just about any modern fantasy role-playing game!

Armored Vehicle Tiles

5.  The Cartography Pages
Featuring 5 mile and .2 mile Fantasy Trimphant Grand Tactical Hexmaps, with detailed  graphics of the locales mapped, large scale maps of sufficient quality to print, a complete mapkey , and detailed reference information on people, monsters, flora, fauna, and exotic things  located on the map. These tactical maps are great for one-shot adventures or for filling in detail on your fantasy world.  The pages contain graphics that make it slow to load using a dialup connection, but are well worth the wait. Approved for personal use only! Be sure to save the pages onto your hard drive!

Cartography Main Page

6. The Wizards' Residence
The most popular fantasy floorplan on the 30mm fantasy floorplan pages. The Wizards' residence was actually a small estate, complete with gardens and stables. It was one of the first  high definition floorplans that included a 3d lookdown effect making it seem like you are actually looking down into the home. It represented a major upgrade in the quality and style of miniatures floorplans available here. While not featured here today, due to its' popularity, I'll be making it permanently available on the new website, so if you missed the chance to get it before, it will be available as a free download again soon!

7.  The Flying Fantasy Fortress
The floorplans for this really were not very good, mostly on account it was my first attempt in using Vue' D'esprit  to generate maps.  My 3D modeling skills have come a long way since then, but still have a long way to go. Nonetheless, the 3D graphics fired the imagination, and opened up a whole new realm of possibilities for almost three thousand gamers. Here... see a sample of what I'm talking about for yourself.

The Flying Fortress

8. The Gamma World Webpages
My thanks (and many of them!) go out to Brian Judt for helping me create the Gamma World resource pages here. Together, we got the ball rolling in providing a premiere support site for the post-apocalyptic radiation and mutant fest  role-playing game originally published by TSR, then Wizards of the Coast, and now, in a new licensed D20 Modern version by Bruce Baugh over at Sword and Sorcery Studios. We held one of the torches of support  and lobbied to keep this game alive! Over 2,300 Gamma World fans rallied with us this year!

Gamma World Pages

9.  The Police Station
2,280 voted with your browser and opted to download this floorplan. The four story Modern Building Series Police Station was the second most popular modern  floorplan of the year , and ranked ninth in popularity on the website, as such, it has gained a place of honor and the Police Station floorplan will be available again as a free PDF download on the new website.

10. The Cemetary
Suitable for Fantasy, Modern, Horror, Or Sci-Fiction this modular tile set allows one to create a cemetary scene of any size with a stunning realism. Over 2,000 visitors perused these pages in 2002 ensuring this floorplan the last spot in the top ten of 2002, as such, it will be available once again, for download on the new website.

After more than two years with Freeservers I'll be moving the entire website over to Izettai in the coming weeks in a new incarnation.


It has been a good two years, and I would like to take this opportunity to thank Freeservers for their excellent service as a website host. The Website uptime has been exemplary, with only two or three very short outages over the last two years. For anyone who wants to start up thier own website I would heartily recommend beginning with a Freeservers free account and then moving up to a premium service account with them.

Unfortunately, My needs in providing good gaming material online has outgrown the capacity of Freeservers, specifically in the area of updates and in webpage management. While Freeservers supports the Microsoft Frontpage extensions, repeated requests to be allowed to place a Zope Publishing  System online with Freeservers has been declined, and as such, was the single critical factor in my reluctant decision to move this website.

Managing and keeping over 200 information rich pages of gaming content  for you roleplaying and gaming fans proved entirely too time-consuming and complex. When the website was small, it was an easy task, but now that it is big, doing website maintenance manually is proving too much for me to handle in a timely manner.  I'm in the process of automating many of the boring repetitive processes so I can concentrate on bringing you all the good stuff!

I remain committed to providing high quality gaming news and commentary, free 30mm floorplans, low cost gaming materials, and new supplements for both roleplaying, and for board games. For those of  you who have enjoyed visiting the Tamerthya Freeserver website over the last couple of years, you will continue to see gaming news, commentary,   editorials, high quality 30mm floorplans, and even more  tactical, and strategic fantasy maps.

In updating to a Zope web publishing system, I'll be able to bring some additional new features and benefits to you as well. Here is a sneak preview of just some of the things we look forward to offering in the next year.

Online Discussion Forums and a files section for:

30mm Print-n-Play Floorplans
Roleplaying Games
Board Games
Game Publishing
Game Design 
Convention Reports
Map & Floorplan Requests
File Upload & Download Section - Similar to the Yahoo Groups, so you can upload and download homebrew files to your hearts content!

Reviews of New Games and Supplements 
Reviews of new games and supplements. You'll be able to review or plug your favorite games here as well!

Convention Reports - In addition to my convention reports all of you will be able to post after action reports and reviews of conventions you attend for the benefit of other gamers!

Improved Classified Advertising / Sales Page - Visitors will be able to place sales ads for new and used games after agreeing to the terms of service. 

An Editable Directory Page - There are over five hundred links on the links page, I'll be transferring the links over to a page that can be updated by viewers. I have over 200 additional  links to add to the links page, and the first link is on me, after that, it's up to you to include any updated information in my links page.

For buyers of the 30mm Fantasy Floorplans CD, there will be a new private file area where you will be able to download back issues, in a PDF format, of the fantasy floorplans that were released on CD. File size limitations mandate that I'll only be able to keep ten or so issues online at any given time, however a back issue request hotline will be put into place so subscribers can receive any of the floorplans that were released on CD even if they weren't included on the particular CD that happened to be shipped out to you.  A directory of all the floorplans released will be put up in this area as well.

Finally, you'll be seeing Online Turn-Based Multi-player Interactive Adventures, this will be available as a subscriber based service.  Note; this is different from massively multi-player online roleplaying games, and it will be awhile before you see this as it is going to take some time to develop. 

The interactive adventures would be done up as a non-linear epic storyline where a single player choses an avatar, and then embarks on a multi-player fantasy adventure. Narrative would be served up in a linear fashion for this, with text, artwork, movie, and sound files included on a single html page as well as a  control panel for you, the player,  to make  choices based on what you see and hear. 

While there will be a modest annual fee for participating in this, there will also be an opportunity to make some money as well.
I forsee taking the best of the interactive online stories and publishing them. Royalties will go out to all the story contributors in amounts proportional to their contribution, of course.

Having finally secured the e-roleplaying.com domain  I can move forward in providing a better support website for role-play and board gamers here in Indiana, and around the world!

There will be two more 30mm fantasy floorplans online available  before the end of the year, The Medieval Library, and the Modern Building Series: Hotel , Restuarant, and Lounge.

Thanks again, for stopping by and visiting awhile over the last couple of years, It's been a pleasure in sharing my gaming hobby inclinations with you, and I look forward to continuing that! Thank You, Freeservers!

Be sure to bookmark:


It is still barren now, but will be the place to go after the new year for print-n-play 30mm floorplans, and even more RPG gaming goodies!

With Regards,





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