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The 25mm floorplan pages will be moving to a new host, http://www.e-roleplaying.com beginning in January 2003. For more information on the impending move and upgrade surf over to the main Tamerthya page at:
In addition, the floorplan and tiles scale is changing as well, the 25mm floorplans are being scaled up just a bit  to 30mm to accomodate some of the newer RPG games and Miniatures that are now available! In the new year, this will become the 30mm Floorplan Pages. This month will see two additional tile sets released, The Medieval Library, as well as the Modern Building Series: Hotel, Restuarant, and Lounge.

25mm Request Page

25 mm Floorplans of the Week:
Modern Building Series - U.K. City Street 

UK Street Grid Format
UK Street Counter Set U.K. City Street Counters

U.K. City Street Tiles

The Dhuzinar Ruins

Dhuzinar Ruins 1
Dhuzinar Ruins 1
Dhuzinar Ruins 2
Dhuzinar Ruins 2

The Temple of Evil

Temple of Evil Ground FloorTemple of Evil, Storage level -2    Temple of Evil

ATVs, APCs, and Armored Cars
Bushwacker Armored Car
Bloodstone Armored Personnel Carrier A new and Improved set of armored vehicles for use in your RPG game... 
Armored Vehicles

Welcome to the 25mm pages of Tamerthya.   The image library available on the Tamerthya 25mm pages are free... Yup... you can have them for personal or business use as you see fit. I designed them, and grant you a perpetual royalty-free license to print and distribute them for fun and for profit.  To capture these images for your own use, simply left-mouse click on any of the thumbnails above to get the actual scale images, then right click on the images and choose save as... to save the images onto your own pc hard drive.

You can  photocopy and/or cut out the 2D images and mix and match them to your hearts content. For color, you will need a color printer. The images are low quality 150 PPI images, but sufficient for rpg purposes. All images except for the OpenRPG tiles fit on standard 8 1/2" x 11" paper. The floorplans are initially available for free, after 28 days they will be removed from the Tamerthya website and archived. Thereafter they are available for a nominal charge as an annual subscription in an HTML/JPEG, or PDF format on CD-ROM.

Having problems directly printing the HTML version of the 25mm  images? Try turning off your java, and javascript features in your web brower. Also, in your printer setup, be sure to set your print margins as small as you can go. Set your print resolution to 300 DPI. Click on the custom order link if you have something you need, and are willing to pay a modest fee for... Please note the images on this page are merely thumbnails to give you an idea of what the image files look. Click the link to the right of the images, or click on the image itself to get to the scale drawings of the floorplan. Microsoft Internet Explorer Tip -- Be sure the Background Color and Images button is checked in your Internet Options menu, under the Advanced options tab, under Printers, otherwise you'll only see the text and not the pictures when you print directly from the web pages here...

Floorplan Release Schedule
The Library Dec 2002
Green Dragon Tavern Jan 2003
Tanliths' Tomb Jan 
Elven T'lan Oct - Jan
SpaceShip Hulk Jan  
Wolves' Den Feb
More Alleyway Tiles Feb
Asteroid Feb
Mountain Passage Feb
Caravanserai Mar
Oasis Mar
The Shipwreck Mar
Lunar Surface Mar
A Request of Cyber
The Outdoor Geomorphic 
Tile Series
Forest April
Riverside April
Wilderness Path April
Mountain Trail May
A Request of Michael Garret
More Modern Vehicles -- 
Bus, Recreational RV, Van
Paddy Wagon, Ambulance
A Request of Mike Colcord
Old Western Fort May
(Flying Boat) Jun
Roads & Trails Jun
Submarine/ U-Boat Jun
Earthworks July
Guildhall July
River Bridge July
The Ford Aug
The Airliner Aug
A Request of Chris Whitcomb
Modern Building Series
Movie Theatre  Aug
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The Floorplans you find here in 
Tamerthya are created with:

Paint Shop Pro, version 7.04

Tamerthya Floorplan CD Cover Art

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