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ATVs', APCs' and Armored Cars

Here it is, the new and improved ATVs' APCs' and armored car tilesets. The original tiles that were based on real vehicles were pulled from the website. This new tileset features a bumper-to-bumper selection of fictional vehicles suitable for your game, and of course these includes some basic statistics and information on each vehicle so it will be easy to include them! References images shown here are not quite to scale (the actual tiles are though!), however, I made a good effort to keep the size relationship between vehicles intact on this page, so you can compare relative size of the vehicles for yourself...
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J3 Rover Scout
The J3 Rover Scout is a high speed five-man light reconnaissance vehicle designed for cross country travel. Four wheel drive with a maximum speed of 90 Miles per Hour (144 Kph). Transmission: 5 Speed, 4 forward, one reverse. The Rover scout is utilized as a recon and scouting vehicle designed to penetrate behind enemy lines and can carry special forces cross country in just about any weather conditions. Softtop tarps snap in over the sides and top of the vehicle in cold climates. The vehicle has a rollbar and a very low center of gravity. Weaponry: One ring mounted 12.7mm MG Crew: four (4) Driver, Gunner, and two passengers Hieght 4' 6" Width: 8'  Length:12'  Ground Clearance 15" Non-Amphibious, but can ford streams to a depth of 2 feet without difficulty. Can be deployed slung underneath a helicopter. Some versions are known to mount an Anti-Tank Guided Missile (ATGM) Launcher. Maximum Range without refueling: 300 Miles Weakness: No armor to speak of, requires extensive maintenance to keep operational Cost:$65,000.

Heavy Urban Assault Vehicle HUAV
HUAV Turrets
The HUAV is a common twin-diesel engined amphibious armored personnel carrier specifically designed to support infantry in urban environments. All wheel drive with a pair of powerful 325 HP engines the HUAV is capable of a maximum speed of 55 Miles per hour (91 Kph) and can swim using a waterjet propulsion system at 4 Mph (6.4 Kph). Maximum Grade: forty degrees. Range 300 Miles on the road, 45 miles on the water. Hieght: 9'4"  Width:9'6" Length: 18'6" Fuel Capacity:210 Gallons. Armament: One 90MM Cannon, 7.62mm Coaxial Machine Gun, Six Grenade Launchers (Smoke or close-in anti-personnel - Range 15-45 Yards). Ammunition:Sixty-Five 90mm Rounds (AP + HE + Smoke) 4,000 Rounds of 7.62 (belt), 24 Smoke Grenades, 24 Anti-personnel Grenades. Crew 8, Driver, Navigator, Gunner, Commander, and up to four passengers. Additional features: laser and thermal sighting systems, bulletproof tires, dual rear access doors, and two emergency escape hatches fore and aft in the floor of the vehicle. Weakness: Cannot fire main cannon while amphibious, slow. Cost $1,100,000.

Bloodstone APC w/20 mm CannonBloodstone ATGM Vehicle
Bloodstone Tracked Armored Personnel Carrier
Bloodstone ATGM Vehicle
Bloodstone APCCV - Command Vehicle
The Bloodstone APC is the primary personnel carrier for the military services of many different countries. With a low profile, and extra wide with more room for passengers and supplies, this vehicle has seen action on every continent.
A strong 450HP Diesel Engine propels this APC up to 47 Mph (75 Kph) overland. The Bloodstone is amphibious allowing passage at 2.5 Mph (4 Kph) over smooth flowing lakes, gentle rivers, and deep streams. Hieght: 7'6" Width:12'  Length: 22' 6"  Maximum Grade: Sixty-four degrees, Range 390 miles on the road, 95 miles on water. Fuel Capacity:325 Gallons Armament: Varies greatly, typical armament includes a hatch-turret mounted .50 caliber machine gun or, a 20, or 25mm Cannon. The Bloodstone includes four forward 45 arc smoke grenade launchers as well. One variation includes a dual ATGM missile launcher. Ammunition 2,500 .50 caliber rounds or 1,600 rounds of 20mm or 25mm. 40 Smoke grenades. The ATGM APC carries 20 anti-tank missiles. Crew: 4, Driver, Co-Driver, Commander, Gunner plus up to twelve passengers. ATGM Crew: 5, Driver, Co-Driver, Commander, Gunner, Loader. Additional Features: The highly sloped armor allows for greater protection with more hits from all weapons deflecting off the APC instead of penetrating, Rear access ramp. The ATGM features a forward hatch with an optical tracking system that allows for missile launch while the crew is buttoned up within the vehicle. The command vehicle has a command cupola in the rear of the vehicle increasing the height profile of the APC. Either driver can control the vehicle, and the drivers are in a protected compartment forward of the passenger section. Weakness: Easily high-centers and gets stuck on small obstacles, slow. Cost $350,000.

Red Wolf 5 Ton TruckRed Wolf Fuel Truck
Red Wolf Light Armored Personnel Carrier
Red Wolf Fuel Truck
The Red Wolf LAPC is a converted 5 ton truck. bulletproof armor plating has been added to the engine, driver, and passenger compartments, and the engine is lowered, with a hood redesign as well so that the overall profile of the vehicle is lowered. Maximum Speed 85 Mph (137 Kph) This vehicle is non-amphibious, however is capable of fording streams with a depth of up to four feet (1.2M) Maximum Grade: 35 Degrees, Maximum range: 650 Miles (1,045 Km) 
Fuel Capacity:150 gallons (Diesel) Armament: one 12.7 or 7.62mm machine Gun. Crew 2, Driver, Commander Plus up to 16 passengers Length:23'8" Width: 9'6" Height: 11'2" Additional Features: Tandem rear-axle, rear wheel drive, manual transmission sixteen-speed, with two reverse gears. The Red Wolf Fuel Truck (FT) is a standard re-fueling vehicle with a 3200 Gallon fuel tank. Used in support of armored formations, and at aviation facilities the Red Wolf FT is a common vehicle found almost everywhere. Weakness: Limited offroad use, soft armor allows MG and small arms  penetration. Cost $115,000.

Bushwacker Light Armored CarBushwacker 75mm Armored CarBushwacker Surface-To-Air Defense Vehicle
Bushwacker Light Armored Car
Bushwacker Turrets
Bushwacker Exotic Turrets (Police & Air Defense)
The Bushwacker LAC is primarily used in reconnaissance units as a scout and recon vehicle. Four wheel drive with a 175 HP gasoline powered engine this four-man armored car can reach a maximum speed of 75 Mph (120 Kph). Maximum Grade: 45 Degrees. Non-amphibious, capable of fording 3 feet of water (.9 M). Range: 325 Miles 
Fuel Capacity: 50 Gallons Armament: 25mm Cannon with co-axial 7.62 MG, or a 75mm Cannon with a pintle mounted 12.7mm Machine Gun. All models have 4 smoke dischargers as well as 4 grenade launchers. The police version features a turret mounted water cannon, and is capable of launching tear-gas or other anti-riot grenades forward 
125 yards. Crew 4, Commander, Driver, Gunner, Loader. Length: 15'  Width: 8' Height: 7'6" Additional Features:
The Bushwacker surface-to-air defense vehicle has the turret removed, and replaced with a quad missile rack. Targeting and aquisition is accomplished with an thermo-optical laser guidance system, via the SAAM thermal IR missile itself, or via a secure radio link with another target aquisition and tracking system (RADAR, LADAR, or Optical). Weakness: Breaks down frequently, requires extensive routine maintenance to maintain operational status 
Base Cost $270,000 (more for the variants)

Garret Tracked Armored Recovery Vehicle
Garret Tracked Armored Recovery Vehicle
The Garret ARV is capable of towing any other light or medium vehicle, and is also capable of making repairs in the field on a wide variety of light and medium wheeled armored fighting vehicles. Engine: 525 HP Diesel with a hydrostatic automatic transmission. maximum speed: 27 Mph (44 Kph) Maximum Grade 50 Degrees, Non Amphibious, capable of fording up to 3 feet of water (.9 M) Range: 275 Miles. Fuel Capacity: 350 Gallons Armament: One 12.7mm Machine Gun. Crew: 7, Driver, Commander, Gunner, and four Mechanics. Length:18'  Width:12'  Height: 11' Additional Features: Spare parts and stock for field repair, an engine winch (6 ton capcity), and a hydraulic towbar, capable of lifting another vehicle weighing up to 20 tons. Weakness: Very little combat capability, slow. Cost $855,000

Explorer - All Terrain Tracked Vehicle
Explorer Tracked All Terrain Vehicle (unarmored)
The Explorer ATV is an all weather high profile tracked vehicle with a self-contained atmosphere providing protection from weather, nuclear, biological, and chemical attack. Automatic Hydrostatic Transmission, Engine 375 HP Diesel or Aviation Fuel. Maximum speed: 24 Mph (39 Kph)  Maximum Grade: 70 Degrees, Amphibious, with a maxmum water speed of 7 Mph (11.25 Kph). Range 225 Miles. Amphibious Range: 96 Miles. Fuel Capacity 275 Gallons 
Armament: one 7.62mm Machine Gun, or a rapidfire 20mm autocannon. Crew 3, Driver, Commander, Gunner, and will accomodate up to five additional passengers in the front cab as well. Length: 28'  Width:14'6" Height: 12'6" Additional Features: Crew cab in front, with a cargo bay in the rear of the vehicle. Weakness: Exposed tracks, tracks require extensive maintenance, light or no armor, slow. Cost $ 475,000

Excalibur Combat RV
Combat RV Exterior
Combat RV Interior
RV Interior Mapkey
The Excalibur CRV from the outside, looks like an ordinary cabover style recreational vehicle. Extensive modifications to the interior has created a vehicle that no RV enthusiast would recognize. The single 275 HP gasoline engine is more than enough to handle the modifications made to this RV. Maximum Speed 70 Mph (112 Kph) Range 925 Miles Fuel Capacity: 225 Gallons maximum grade: 20 degrees, Non amphibious, capable of fording streams and rivers of up to three feet in depth (1 M). Armament: a fully retractible forward twin 12.7mm MG turret mounted in the sleepover section, A close-in 360 defensive grenade / smoke launcher (x12), a fully retractible rear missile launcher featuring two AT Guided Missile launchers and two IR Surface to Air Missile launchers. Crew 5, Driver, Command, Gunner, Missile Gunner, Loader, with room for additional passengers. Length: 28'  Width: 8' Height: 12'6" Additional Features: Kevlar like armor protects the engine and passenger compartment, self-sealing reinflating tires, bulletproof windows protect against small arms fire, nuclear, biological, and chemical air filtration system. 12VDC 120 VAC 12 Kw electrical generator. Extensive external storage bins located underneath the RV, two double bunks. The bulletproof windows have firing ports underneath the window. The ceiling contains a 3' crawl space with bay door access for both the 12.7 mmg and the missile rack. Spare missiles and munitions are stowed in storage bins in the floor with panel access from the interior of the vehicle. Weakness: Forward MG turret prone to jam frequently requiring manual reloading. Extremely wide turn radius. Cost $890,000

Duoglide Hovercraft Armored Personnel Carrier
The Duoglide Hovercraft APC represents impressive innovation in Hover technology. Designed for use in open terrain, and on water, the 375 HP Diesel engine drives eight large fans (six underneath, and two for speed) that give the Duoglide a maximum speed of 140 Mph (225 Kph). The fans and skirt system provide lift allowing the hovercraft to remain airborne as long as the engine is operational. Overdrive is available to provide greater than a 1:1 fan lift capability allowing the duoglide to fly, leaping over rough terrain, ground obstacles (power lines, etc), and smaller buildings ( forty stories or less) at the cost of increasing the fuel consumption by a power of ten. An automatic fuel monitoring system ensures that the Duoglide will automatically descend safely from any height when pre-determined minimum fuel levels are reached. Range: 450 miles (45 miles in overdrive) Fuel Capacity: 800 Gallons.  Maximum Grade: not applicable Armament: One pintle mounted 25mm cannons, two 7.62mm machine guns, one twin medium-range IR Heatseeker Air-to-Air missile rack, one twin long-range radar-guided fire and forget AAM missile rack. The pintle mounted 25mm cannon can be slaved to the onboard Radar aquisition and tracking system to allow the duoglide an air defense capability. Munitions 4,000 rounds of 25mm, 8 IR SAM missiles, 8 Radar SAM missiles, 4,000 rounds of 7.62mm. Crew 6, Driver, Commander, Maintenance Mechanic, three gunners. Also up to six additional passengers can ride comfortably in the Duoglide APC. Length 32' Width 18' Height (12'3" with skirt inflated -- 9'3" while powered down). Additional Features: Hull coated with Radar absorbant material, bulletproof glass, If the skirt is inflated, even without lift fans, the vehicle is amphibious, Nuclear, Biological, Chemical air flitration system provides up to one week of protection so long as the Duoglide remains sealed. The inflatable skirt is made of self-sealing rubber polymer. Weakness: Very slow acceleration / deceleration, Loud. Cost $1,750,000

Alifan Passenger Helicopter (two tiles)
Tail Section
The Alifan Helicopter is the standard in airmobile troop transport. Cruising Speed: 145 Mph (233 Kph) Maximum Speed 185 Mph (298 Kph) Load: 9,800 lbs Ceiling 18,000 feet Crew 3, pilot, copilot, gunner plus up to 12 passengers. Range: 450 Miles Fuel Capacity 1,450 gallons Length 48' Width 14' Height to Rotor: 12'6" Rotor Diameter: 42' 6" Armament: one 12.7mm door mounted machine gun w/ 3600 rounds. Notes:The Alifan can carry a light armored fighting vehicle, slung underneath, at approximately 1/3 of it's maximum speed. Weakness: High Fuel Consumption limits range, Minimum Firepower, Heavy Maintenance Requirements. Cost $4,500,000

Dragon Gunship Helicopter (two tiles)
Tail Section
The Dragon Gunship is an ultralight-weight attack helicopter. Cruising Speed 160 Mph (257 Kph) Maximum Speed 192 Mph (309 Kph) Load 2,750 lbs. Ceiling 21,000 feet Crew 2, pilot, navigator/gunner Range: 545 miles Fuel Capacity 400 Gallons Length: 60' Width: 19'6" Height to Rotor: 12' 6" Rotor Diameter: 46'8" Armament: 2x 40mm AT/HE nose cannons with 2000 rounds (60 round 5 second bursts), two x6 ATGM missile launchers, 2x Medium-Range heat seeking IRAAM missiles, 2x Long-Range radar RGAAM missiles, two underbelly bays (Just 
behind the main rotor) for optional long range fuel tanks, or ARM missiles, or two 500 Lb bombs, or mines. Multiple air and ground targeting aquisition and tracking systems, VLF Sonar (For ground targets), Radar, Thermal/IR, Ultraviolet, Nightvision, & Optical / Camera. The exhaust is brought down through a cooling unit within the chopper and released underneath to make it difficult for heat seaking missiles to lock on to this aircraft. Weakness: You are kidding, right? If you spot this puppy coming for you, find a very, very deep hole to hide in... Cost $7,775,000

Metric Conversion Tables
To convert miles to kilometers multiply miles by 1.609
To convert feet to meters multiply feet by .3048, remember 1 inch is .0833 of a foot
To convert gallons to liters multiply gallons by 3.785

Medium Range Air-to-Air Missiles listed here have a range of 1 to 10 miles
Long Range Air-to-Air Missiles listed here have a range of 8 to 20 miles
Anti-Tank Guided Missiles (ATGM) listed here have an effective range from 250 yards to 3 miles
IR - Infrared - Heat Seeking Missile, RGAAM - Radar Guided Air-To-Air Missile, ARM - Anti-Radiation Missile
VLF - Very Low Frequency, VDC - Volt DC, VAC - Volt AC, Kw - Kilowatt, AT - Anti-Tank, HE - High Explosive,
ATV - All Terrain Vehicle, RV - Recreational Vehicle, APC - Armored Personnel Carrier, 

Scale 600 x 900 pixels


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