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U.S. East Coast 17" x 22" Fantasy Campaign Map
East Coast Fantasy Map Key - Scale 1 hex = ???. This project began at 5 miles to the hex, but that varies some as the scale was mangled in places. For orientation, consider North to be at the top of this map. 

The U.S. East Coast from Norfolk, Virginia, to New London, Connecticut.

This 17" x 22" full size map was originally designed as one of my fantasy maps for sale. I had some difficulty with it. Having done up the colors with the modern Pentel s360 pens, when I went to label the cities with the calligraphy ink pen, the calligraphy ink bled over the pentel ink and all the labels were rendered illegible. Next time, the calligraphy goes on the map first, then color! Still, the map is good to use, and is especially designed for fantasy roleplaying. This map can be a setting of the east coast in an apocalyptic far future, or in the not too distant past. There are some slight variations, The sea level is higher. (It was really 18 feet higher during the revolution ca. 1776, resulting in a significantly different coastline from what you know now.) Chesapeake Bay is larger than the real Chesapeake, Washington D.C. didn't exist until after the revolution and there is also a *new* Washington D.C. on this map. The Norfolk peninsula is different, Long Island is different, Virginia is where the map scale was mangled, and all the cities are much smaller then the cities of today. Never let it be said, that a good adventure map will be wasted though. I'm offering this up as a free download for you, and the original map is still for sale, just not at a fixed price... make me an offer... 

Cities and towns included on this map; New London, Hartford, New Haven, Meriden, New Britain, Waterbury, Bridgeport, Stamford, Danbury, Poughkeepsie, Kingston, Newburg, West Point, New York City,  Newark, Vineland, Philadelphia, Wilmington, Dover, Salisbury, Baltimore, New Washington, Old Washington, Fredericksburg, Newport News, Norfolk, and Richmond.

The full size map may take some time to download as it is 4 Mb in size. Just click on the link if you want it. Permission is granted to duplicate this map for your personal (non-commercial) use.

East Coast Fantasy Map

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