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Many people like using Campaign Cartographer 2, or some other software to create digital maps.
This is one individual whom learned to make fantasy maps before computer software was around. 
I won't go into the "In the beginning we...." dialogue for you today, instead, I'm going to show you a few quick things about the maps you will find here, so you can use the maps you find here, or you can create maps similar to the ones you find here. Typically, I'll take a blank sheet of 1/4" hex paper, a set of Pentel Pens ( the best, in my opinion), along with my copy of the Judges Guild Wizard's Guide, and generate tactical and strategic maps for campaigns. Then I scan the maps into the computer, clean them up a bit if they look sloppy, and put them into web pages. One advantage to hand drawn maps is if the power goes out, or if you don't have your PC, or a laptop with you, you still have a copy of the map you can use. 

Tactical Maps -

There are two types of tactical maps you will find here. Floorplans, and Triumphant Grand Tactical. Floorplans are detailed 25mm maps and layouts, and you'll find floorplans on the 25mm pages. There is too much detail in floorplans for it to be practical for me to provide you with a map key. 
The Triumphant Grand Tactical maps are usually generated on a scale of .2 Miles per hex. In plain English that means each hex is about 1,056 feet (352 yards or 322 meters, if you prefer) from one hex side to the opposite hex side.
Triumphant Grand Tactical Scale

Elevation (Tactical)

Triumphant Grand Tactical maps feature elevation lines so you can get an idea of the 3D layout of the land. Here is a sample of what elevation looks like:
View From AboveView From the East
View From the South

Tactical Notes

Tactical Maps feature landmarks, terrain, buildings, and obstacles that are not present on strategic maps, or on floorplans. Each map you will find here will contain a map key below the map that provides specific details about that map as well... Each hex is numbered on the Trimphant Grand Tactical maps as well, so you can cross reference map symbol locations by hex number if you like.
Strategic Maps
Strategic Maps are generated on a scale of 5 miles per hex. For those of you that are metric oriented each hex is 8.04 Km from side to side. On strategic maps, elevation lines indicate cliffs, or bluffs.
Strategic Hex Scale
Strategic Map Coordinates System
The coordinates on strategic maps are Alphanumeric. To find the coordinates of any 5 mile hex, simply go across alphabetically, and then count the number of full hexes up until you reach the landmark
Strategic Hex Map Coordinate System
Map Key
Here is a strategic map key. On triumphant grand tactical maps many of the symbols are the same, so this is a good reference chart for most of the maps you will find here... You'll find hexes on the maps with mixed symbols as well, such as hilly forests, and forested mountains, streams and towns, coastline, and such...
Strategic Map Key

Here are links to various map sections on the Tamerthya web site. Note that some of the strategic map graphics are substantial sizes, so if you have a modem dialup link, it might take awhile for the maps to load. No map is larger than 1Mb however.

Tamerthya Strategic Maps - Maps of the World of Tamerthya, with notes -- These are big files!
Triumphant Grand Tactical Maps - Maps of a local area. Useful if you need a quick random wilderness map...
Cystalmeer Campaign Maps - Maps of the Continent of Crystalmeer.
25mm Floorplans Page - Close up tactical maps, good for use with miniatures. -- Some of these are big too!


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