Strategic Maps of Tamerthya

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Crystalmeer - Home of the Ice Elves The Eastern Wilderlands
Saryn, The Lost Kingdoms...
Merthyr, most powerful kingdom in Tamerthya Kingdom of Tefi, and other small dominions... The Inland Sea
Bara, and other demi-human kingdoms The Great Desert Tythwen and other wild jungle kingdoms Central Mountains (Jungle)

Coryani Empire
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    The main map is a 200 PPI scanned copy of thirteen original hand drawn maps done with standard hex paper and Pentel art pens. Some of the maps were over ten years old when scanned into a standard Jpeg file, and the Pentel pen colors were well preserved through the scanning process. I lost quite a bit of detail and color in the process of creating Jpegs that would allow me to upload . Please note some of these map files on the detailed maps pages are quite large and may take some time loading on your system.

   Now... How about a quick social and  geography lesson for those of you new to Tamerthya?

   The scale of these maps is 5 miles to the hex. the area covered is approximately an area 700 x 1020 miles, about 714,000 square miles. In the Northwest is the Grand Kingdom of Merthyr. In the North central area of the map is the Norsemen clans area. In the Northwest portion of the main map is the Kingdom of Tefi, and South of the the Kingdom of Taradoc. To the South of Taradoc is is Saryn. West of Saryn is the Great Desert, and West of the Great Desert is the demi-human Kingdom of Bara. Southwest of the Kingdom of Bara is the rather primitive peoples of Melwyn and Selsea.  Each of these areas will be covered in more detail later.

    The Island of Dee is located to the West Southwest of Crystalmeer, and due North of the Kingdom of
    Merthyr. The area the island covers approximately 850  square miles (a 25 mile by 30 mile area). The Island is
    covered with coniferous forest consisting mostly of dense pine, and evergreen  groves. Being close to the
    artic circle means long summer days and long cold winter nights. Dee is an Iron-age matrilineal clan oriented
    Kingdom. What this means is that the family name is passed through the women of the Island.  It is a
    Monarchy, ruled by a King, elected by a gathering of the most important clans in the Island. The King serves
    as leader of the people for as long as he lives. The economy of Dee is dominated by the fishing industry.
    Dee is located on the Southwest portion of the Crystalmeer map.  The whole society is expected to carry
    and use arms in the defense of the kingdom. Small units range from notable individuals  and strategic units
    range from 10 to 100 men and women.

    The Island of Mabinogia is located due West of the Kingdom of Merthyr. The area the Island Kingdom
    covers is about 3,250 square miles and area 50 miles wide, and 65 miles from North to South. There are over
    20 other  major islands and an uncounted number of smaller uncharted islands west of Merthyr.   The largest
    is the Island Kingdom of Mabinogia.  Mabinogia is an Iron-age matrilineal band oriented  kingdom similar  to
    Dee with the following exceptions. Clans are not the dominating social unit of Mabinogia. Bands made
    up of groups of extended clans and inter-married clans form the primary social unit of the kingdom. Like
    Dee, fishing is the mainstay of the economic health of the people. Here they trade fish extensively for
    other  goods. Fishing, and  trading vessels ply the waters as far north as Crystalmeer, and as far south as the
    Desert Kingdom. Mabinogia has not yet entered the iron age and weapons, tools and other implements in
    society are made of stone, clay, copper, or bronze. The whole society is at arms, meaning men, women, and even
    children own or possess both offensive and defensive weapons and armor, and further, are expected to learn
    at an early age the arts of war. Small units range from 2 to 10 individuals and strategic units ( i.e. armies ) range
    from roughly 100 to 500 people in size.

    TheKingdom of Merthyr is the largest and most civilized of all the kingdoms in Tamerthya. Located in the
    Northwest portion of the main map Merthyr  covers an area over 175 miles wide and over 180 miles from
    north to south. It is bound in the north by the Crystalmeer Sea, in the east by the Great Mountain Range,
    in the  south by the Great Mountain Range and in the west by the island Kingdom of Mabinogia. Merthyr
    is a mixed economy, iron-age, patrilineal, fuedal kingdom with a standing army, and a conscripted army of
    commoners, peasants, and serfs. The finest Knights in all of Tamerthya can be found here. Some notable
    locales include the Kings City-State of His Highness, King Temyn Merthyr. The great port city of
    Tarwyn in the North, and The City of Tamar  on the Tanith river in the southern reaches of Tamerthya.
    These three cities, and the lands around them form the Duchys that are  the heart of  this great kingdom.
    In addition, to the Northeast of the Imperial City-State  is one other large fortified city guarding the
    northern frontiers of the Kingdom, Tel-tamyn.

    Over the great mountains to the West of Merthyr is theKingdom of Tefi, Co-ruled by the twin brothers,
    King Arthyn Tefi, and King Berwyn Tefi the 3rd. The Capital of Tefi is the great city of T'lan located
    between two great castles standing on two cold volcano plugs that reach above all the lands around.
    This area is known as castle rock. Tefi  covers  an area about 75miles from east to west, and from 100 miles
    from north to south. The Northern border  is marked by the Crystalmeer sea. The Southern border is
    marked  by the Tarador Escarpment, a line of sheer   cliffs several hundred feet high.  Tefi is an iron age
    mixed  economy patrilineal monarchy with Kingship passed to the son of one the kings in the event of the
    death  of the both Kings. The only military presence is an elite professional army of Royal Guardsmen,
    192 strong j that  protect the entire Kingdom from enemies. Tactical  units range in size from 2-10 men.

    The Kingdom of Taradoc is just south of the Tarador Escarpment.  It is approximately 90 miles from the
    Great Mountains to the Inland Sea, and Taradoc reaches from theTarador Escarpment to the north
    about  110 miles south to the "Last Keep" which is about  25 miles south of the Taradoc River.  The
    Kingdom of  Taradoc is a mixed economy iron-age patrilineal dictatorship ruled by a military overlord.
    It maintains a  standing professional army with tactical units ranging from 10 to 50 men-at-arms and
    strategic units (armies) of 500+. Tarmadoc and Tefi have a long term mutual protection alliance and
    support one another in time of war.

    South of Taradoc is the Kingdom of Saryn. A crossroads of Tamerthya . Located in the center of the
    continent of Tamerthya, The Kingdom of Saryn  reaches from the border of Taradoc in the North to the
    Great Mountains in the west, and extends 125 miles South to the Ranhyn Range of Mountains. Saryn
    runs eastward  110 miles from the Great Mountains to the the border of Tythwen, the Asani River.
    Semi-tropical, the Saryn Kingdom rarely sees  snow. Saryn is a mixed economy bronze-age bilateral
    monarchy ruled by King Saryn and Queen Silven.  Saryn maintains an unusually large standing professional
    army because it has historically been overrun from the north, south, east, and west, at one time or another.
    King Saryn has vowed never to let the capital fall.

    West of Saryn, and South of Merthyr is the Great Desert. Approximately 185 miles from north to south
    and 305 miles from east to west, the Great Desert is the largest expanse of  Desert onTamerthya.
    With the lowest human population count in Tamerthya, the desert is home to many different kinds of
    monsters and loose bands of nomads and bandits. The great City of Tabria lays in the central mountain
    range of the great desert, and is home to fierce but primitive stone-age matrilineal nomadic tribesmen that
    maintain a sparse herding-based economy. Like all primitives, the entire population is at-arms and expected
    to defend tribal and clan interests.

    West of the Great Desert, and South of Merthyr is The Kingdom of Bara.  Approximately 90 miles
    from east to west, and 110 miles from the Baril Mountain Range (an offshoot  range of the Great
    Mountains) is the Bay of Jalil, part of the Southern  Ocean that marks the southern border of this
    kingdom of demi-humans (elves, dwarves, and halflings).  Bara is a mixed economy, iron-age patrilineal
    oligarchy (An elite ruling council governs this kingdom.) The army is conscripted from the local
    population and four years of service in peacetime, and service in times of war, or national emergencies
    is required. Bara has an average standing army that can be tripled in size in the time it takes for a
    month to pass. Tactical units range from 10-50 individuals, and strategic units are 100-500 individuals
    strong. The weather is temperate and mild on the coast, and cold higher up in the mountains.

    To the Southwest of Bara are the two kingdoms, Melwyn, and Selsea. Melwyn is a patrilineal, clan
    oreinted, middle stone-age, herding economy. The whole society is at arms, or trained in the art of war
    from a very young age. Leadership of the country varies from day-to-day as a loose confederation of
    herding clan leaders meet on a very infrequent basis. Each town or village has a council of elders that
    determines policy and law for the local region. Small units range from notable individuals to clans and
    extended clans of 10-100 that fight together in times of emergency.

    Selsea is a Matrilineal clan oreinted iron-age country that gains the majority of it's economic income from
    fishing and sea-trade. Like it's neighbor Melwyn, the whole society is trained in the art of warfare. There
    is a rivalry between the two countries and border disputes break out frequently between various clans of
    both Selsea and Melwyn. While Selsea has better  weapons and technology, the people of  Melwyn
    have superior numbers and better clerical magic that creates a balance in the conflict. Small units range from
    notable individuals to clan groups of 10 to 100, and sometimes more that band together in emergencies.
    As a side note, more pirates come from Selsea than from any other known country on the continent.

    South of the Great Desert is an independent province, The Province of Lynnar. Lynnar is a Matrilineal
    clan-oreinted bronze-age state with a moderate sized standing militia. The Ruler of Lynnar is a former
    Duke of Merthyr, one Kidren Shazlir. After leading a crusade against the pagan peoples of the Great
    Desert, Duke Shazlir took his army south and settled on the southern edge of the great desert. Small units
    range from 2-24 individuals and strategic units range from 100-500 strong. South of Lynnar is the unexplored
    tropical jungles of Tamerthya.

    East of Lynnar is the Kingdom of Iberia. Iberia sits in the tropical portion of Tamerthya. It is always warm
    here except in the mountains. Iberia is a mixed economy bronze-age, bilateral monarchy ruled by a Queen.
    Iberia maintains a professional standing army of just over one thousand warriors. It is a democratic society
    with traditions similar to ancient greece. Equal rights for females is strongly promoted here on account of
    the tribes of amazons that live in the nearby forests and jungles. Women have been treated as equals here
    for as long as  anyone can remember. Iberia is a destination for women that have escaped from slavery or
    servitude in other  nations. Tactical units range from 5-50 individuals, and Iberia is capable of fielding two
   500 + member  phalanxes of warriors.

    East of Iberia is the Ranhyn Kingdom.  Known for their legendary battle horses the Kingdom of Ranhyn
    is ruled by a monarchy, a royal family. Ranhyn maintains close ties with Iberia, and have an  active trade
    agreement and a treaty of alliance. Invading one country is sure to bring a response from the other.
    Iberia maintains a professional army of over 1,500 individuals.  Small units range from 10-50 individuals and
    large units, 500+.

    East of the Ranhyn Kingdom is another province, The Province of Severn. Ruled by a clannoch, a clan
    leader, Severn is a band oreinted, matrilineal, copper-age society of nomadic hunter gatherers. Several
   Amazon clans call Severn home as well as other primitive peoples. The small population of this province are
    all trained from a young age in warfare. small units range from individuals, and large units range from 10-100 in

    Northwest of the Ranhyn Kingdom and east of Saryn is Tythwen. Tythwen is an agressive patrilineal
    dictatorship ruled by an overlord. Tythwen is a mixed economy bronze-age country that aside from an elite
    internal guard force, maintains a standing army of conscripts. Tythwen engages in trade with the more
    civilized Western Nations specializing in providing mercenary and guard units to other nations. The
    eastern frontier is relatively unexplored and many monsters abound in Eastern Tythwen. Tactical units
    range from 10-50 individuals and strategic units range over 500 individuals in strength.

    To the Northeast of Tythwen is the Wilderlands of the East, largely unexplored. Little is known about
    this part of Tamerthya. The Inland Sea seperates the Wilderlands of the East from Merthyr and the rest of

    To the East of Tythwen lies Mynddar, a patrilineal, bronze-age, clan oreinted group that can barely be called
    a nation. The Mynddar maintain a herding economy and subsist on herding and trading with the greater
    western nations. This is the rugged frontier of civilization. Small community militias form the heart of defense
    in Mynddar  with small units ranging from  individuals to small groups of ten or so, and large militia units of up
    to 100-500 strong can be gathered in a real emergency.

     There are rumours of other great nations on Tamerthya. Not mapped, but noted for record is the Bera
    Kingdom. Shara. The Kingdom of Zor, supposedly located south of the Jungles of Tamerthya. Another
    Elven Kingdom, also south, The Kingdom of Vallyn. Finally, Myn-Tyllar  which is south of even the southern
    seas and located near the edge of the world.

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