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Mini Archive 
Mini Archive
OpenRPG maps are available on the cartography page, and on the 25mm pages...

Welcome to the Tamerthya OpenRPG Campaign page...  here players can catch up on the news, and find out what  is happening in the current campaign. Players can also go through the session logs to audit their play and performance, and to look for overlooked clues or details that may help in the adventure...

The House Rules for the game are simple --  Everyone is here to play and have fun so take your turn, give others the opportunity to roleplay, and try to stay alive! You may start by bringing a 6th to 8th level character into the game. You can use any official, and any homebrew, characters, any character class, prestige class, feat, skill or equipment from any module or supplement that you like into the campaign. Your starting wealth to equip your character is 26,200 GP.

We will be using the core rules from PHB & DMG to play, and we will add in additional material, and rulings as circumstances warrant. You must have your character complete before game time to begin play with the group, and I, as DM, will need a copy of your character as an OpenRPG node, or as text file just prior to game play. I'll also be needing a valid e-mail address from you as well, to keep you updated on what is happening.

Every week, about an hour before gametime, I'll issue a new password via e-mail for the game. The password is the only way you'll have to get in, unless one of the other players takes sympathy on you, and goes out to the game lobby to fetch you.


Game time
3 PM Pacific, 4 PM Mountain,
5 PM Central,  6PM Eastern

Game Location

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- Personae Dramatis -
(Red are NPC's, White Are Players)

Thantri Reygast, Human 
Proprietor - Seven Trolls Inn & Tavern

Rilgard Starhyn, Human
Owner of the Black Axe Inn

Sturmgard of Hammerhaven, Dwarf
Owner of the Lumber Camp

Lord Ferrellyn, a Human
Dockmaster, Snowdon'ya Old Docks

Laril Eira Gwyden, Ice Elf
Ice-Elf Ambassador to Snowdonya

Gidralli, Dwarf
Priest of Thor

Armand Dyril, Human
Dockmaster, Snowdon'ya New Docks

Count Gelwyn Tulvari,  Ice Elf 
Marshal of Snowdon'ya

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