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Farm Map 001 
Farm Hex Map 001 Key - Scale 1 hex = 42 feet or 14 yards. For orientation, consider North to be at the top of this map. 

A series of streams cut from the north to the south, the tributaries range from 4-10 feet wide and 2-4 feet deep. The main stream on the southern half of the map ranges from 6-22' wide and has an average depth of 2 1/2 feet, deep enough for barges, rafts, or canoes, but not deep enough for a sailing vessel. The streams can be forded pretty much anywhere except for a hundred yards or so on the south side of the hex where a 6 foot embankment can make fording the river with a wagon a hazardous affair. Each elevation line is roughly 6 feet high.(2M). The highest hilltop on this map is 24 feet above the river valley level. The majority of the trees here are Black Birch trees with some Elm trees mixed in. Black Birch is a deciduous tree that can grow to heights of 75 feet with a trunk diameter of 2 feet. The trunk is often divided into several arching branches, with a rounded crown. The tree ends up having a nearly vase shaped silohuette. Black birch bark is red, the leaves dark green (lighter on the bottom) and the wood is strong, but light, making it ideal for childrens' toys and artificial limbs. The wood is also used for inexpensive furniture and basket hoops. Birds eat the seeds, and deer browse the foliage here. The bark can be used medicinally to treat colds and other flu-like ailments. The fruits of the Black Birch are small nuts covered with hair. The fruits occur in groups, crowded into a cylindrical cones up to 1 1/2 inches long. The seeds are released in early summer and germinate quickly. The people here are for the most part lawful freemen, but common sense rules the day here.

Rye Field, 21/2 foot tall grain field.
Wheat Field 3 1/2 foot tall grain field.
Black Knife Lake, 18 feet deep, Average depth 6 feet. Beavers, NA:10 AC:5  Move: 6/13  9/12  walk/run swim/swim fast Htk: 2,4,2,4,2,3,3,1, 3, 3 Damage/Attack:(1d4) (bite) (1d3) (1d3) Claws. These semi-intelligent creatures will automatically attempt to flee, paddle the water to warn other beavers in the area that hostile creatures are about, and take refuge in their lodges if threatened. If cornered in their lodge they will launch a vicious biting attack, attacking 2x per round, and taking the first opportunity to slip by their foe and escape into the wilderness. They will not leave their young in the lodge, preferring instead to attack until dead. Beaver lodges are hollowed out piles of mud and sticks accessible only through a single underwater tunnel. Beaver have sharp teeth and can chew through wood with no difficulty whatsoever. Beaver are very industrious water mammals that can fell trees to create dams and reservoirs. They are herbivorous eating plants and wood (when necessary). 
The Beaver Dam. Note the Beaver lodges in Black Knife Lake to the north.
5- Fog Hollow Pond, 9 feet deep.
Game Warden's Home. An uneven two-story building approximately 40' x 40'.  Yaiar Gavrest, Ranger, Level 6, Aln: LN Htk:45 AC:3 (+3 Leather armor,and shield) Dmge/Attk: (1d6+2) +2 Longbow,  (1d8+2) +2 War Axe. Yaiar is an excellent tracker, and has sworn to protect the forests and wildlife in the region. There is only a 40% chance he is home at any given time, since he spends much of his time tending the lands, and in scouting for outlaws, and new monsters. He has a wife, Tressa, Lvl 5, Aln: LN, Htk:10 AC: 9  (No Armor) Dmge/Attk: (1d6+1) +1 Shortbow, (1d6+1) +1 Short Sword, and two sons, too young to be combatants AC:9 Htk: 5,2. Yaiar has little use for gold, but has plenty of crafted items and tools in his home. The home is a two-story Black Birch wood home with shuttered windows on the second level and a widows peak that doubles as a lookout post on the roof. Tressa often can be often found in the afternoon at the Evdon creek bridge, and will stop travellers and offer them the hospitality of her home (room & board) in return for news from distant villages, towns, and cities. She is a good cook, and their is plenty of venison, homemade beer, and bread at the table, as well as an occassional treat of blueberry pie. She is an accomplished magic-user, and can hold her own in battle as well. If outclassed, and alone, she will lead her children down to Evdon stream behind the house and they will swim underwater to the Evdon creek bridge where they will then take shelter in a secret room underneath the bridge until such time as Yaiar returns. Tressa's Spells:Dispel Magic, Invisibility, Wizard Lock, Read Magic, Detect Magic, Magic Missile x2. She carries a scroll of charm monster, a scroll of detect evil, and a runeward of blinding (As Glyph of Warding: Blindness). She will leave the runeward on her trail if she is being followed. Yaiar is a quiet man that enjoys his family and playing the flute.  Yaiars'  +2 Longbow, Windlore, was given to him as a gift by the elves of Annenar, and has the following abilities: Int-7 Ego-2 +2 to hit, and +2 damage, the bow will glow light-blue faintly in the presence (within 15') of an elven trail, and the metal on the bow will change color depending on the weather conditions in the near future. The bow grip, and string tips are normally everwarm silver inlaid with a rubies and a sapphires, but the metal will change color to Iron black if a rainstorm is imminent in the next 24 hours, and will change to a frost-white color if the weather will bring snow.  If the weather is hazardous, like a tornado, windstorm, deadly blizzard, or enough rain to bring flash floods, or if a weather effects spell is cast, the entire bow will glow red, increasing in intensity as the danger increases, and fading when the hazardous weather has passed.
Misttica Farm. The Misttica Farm is the largest farm in the region. Owned by Talwyth Qutheoun, Farmer, Lvl 9 AC:7 Htk:35 Aln: NG Dmge/Attk: (1d4+1) Pitchfork, (1d6) Shortbow. Talwyth has a wife Evven Lvl -6 AC:9 Htk:17 Dmge/Attk (1d4) Dagger, and five boys Htk: 5,4,4,2,1 and four girls Htk: 4, 3,1,1 all AC:9 Dmge/Attk (1d6) clubs. He has two helpers in addition Valerash Lvl-2 AC:9 Htk: 9 Aln: N Dmge/Attk Throwing Axe (1d4+1), and Darul LiveOak, a 3rd level Dwarf AC:5 Htk:20 Aln: CG Dmge/Attack: (1d8+2) Dwarven War Axe, and (2d4) Heavy Crossbow. Talwyth has a medium horse, two good ponies, two oxen, and a milk cow he keeps in the 18' x40' barn on the west pasture to the north of the farmhouse, and he grows wheat in the two large fields east of the Farmhouse. He stores wheat for sale in the basement of his farmhouse. He keeps 14 cows, 8 ewes, a ram, and a bull in the North pasture.Talwyth has saved up 576 silver coins, and 174 gold coins and will soon buy the material he needs to build a grain mill just south of the farm house. He keeps the monies stashed in a chest buried in the wheat bin. He pays his two helpers room and board and 15 silver coins a month, and sells his raw wheat for 1 gold for each 40 lb bag of threshed wheat. In addition, He'll sell a 40 lb. bag of wheat straw of 5 silver pieces. Talwyth is friendly and enjoys the cups, taking his hirelings with him at least once a week to carouse in nearby villages, inns, taverns, and hamlets.
Heltica the Shepperd. AC:9 level:4 Htk:17 Aln: LG Damage/Attack (1d6 Quarterstaff).  Heltica has a son, Fallerdon level:2 AC:9 Htk: 8 Dmge/Attack (1d6) Quarterstaff. His wife was slain by a roving orc band some years earlier. They can only be found here 20% of the time, except in the winter time, as otherwise, they are off in the forests and fields of the area tending their 67 sheep and 7 rams. Heltica trades some of his sheep to Talwyth every year for wheat hay to feed the sheep with in the winter. Heltica has 130 gold coins he keeps in a coin belt on him, and he'll sell a ewe, or a lamb anytime, and will ask 7 gold for the critter, he won't sell his rams (male sheep) though. He has 60 silver coins, and 87 gold stashed behind a loose brick in the fireplace of his home as well.
Rhae Cooper Farm. 20' x 30' three level farmhouse. If the Misttica Farm is the largest farm house in the area, The Rhae Cooper Farm is the richest, with the most fields under cultivation. Rhae Cooper, with his wife and two sons, grow wheat immediately to the west of the house, and rye in the four fields north of Quthe Creek. Old Rhae never keeps any of the grains, loading it immediately on his wagon and taking it into town to be sold during the harvest. The Coopers have a well stocked cellar, with an ice house, fresh meat, and plenty of processed grains, as well as a great hearth oven . When they are not busy farming, the three men of the family can be found hunting deer, and occassionally monsters, in the region. Old Rhae also has a whiskey brewery and is famous for his two brands of rye whiskey he sells to Inns and Taverns in the area, Rhaes' Rye and the especially intoxicating Golden Death. Old Rhae will sell Rhaes' Rye to travelers for 10 gold coins a bottle, and he has, or can make 24 bottles or so, on short notice. He also has half a dozen bottles of Golden Death available as well for 18 gold a bottle. Golden Death is inflammable and will do 1d4+1 damage for two rounds plus ignite any flammable material if a bottle of the liquor is shattered and ignited.
Rhae Cooper, Farmer, Level:13 AC:7 Htk:39 Aln: NG Damage/Attack: (1d8+1) longsword, (1d6) shortbow. Gaversil Cooper, Eldest Son, Farmer, Level:8 AC:7 Htk:22 Aln:NG Damage/Attack: (1d8+1) Sycthe, (1d4+1) Dagger. Ianfen Cooper, Youngest Son, Farmer, Level:3 AC:7 Htk:11 Aln:NG Damage/Attack: (1d6) short sword, (1d6) shortbow, (1d4) dagger. Iselde Cooper, Wife, Level:6 Htk:24 AC:9 Old Rhae keeps his wealth in two large chests in his upstairs bedroom closet. He has 978 Gold coins, 1,255 Silver coins, 4 gems, and Iselde has a diamond and gold pendant worth 700 coins as well. He has two heavy horses, and twenty-one chickens and three roosters as well.
Old Thetis' Tower. 25' in diameter, 6 levels, 40' high. This strong stone watchtower without windows was occupied for a time by the Wizard Thetis. Some years ago the old wizard locked the tower and departed on an adventure, and simply never returned. Over the years the tower has fallen into some disrepair, but all the important parts are still intact, strong, and serviceable. The main oaken door on the ground level is barred from the inside, and a wizard lock has been placed on the door itself to further discourage trespassers. Starting from the battlements down, the rooftop is easily accessible with a rope and grapple, but the rooftop hatch has also been locked and bolted from the inside and is wizard locked with a spell as well. From the top of the battlement, all the buildings in the valley are easily observed, even in the summer. A circular stairway leads down to every floor of the tower.  The top level contains the wizards' bedchamber. The only thing in this room of interest is the cast iron heating stove. The level below that, Level Three, contains the Wizards' laboratory and includes a number of tables and 2d6 each, empty beakers, bottles, vials, and bowls, as well as a mortar and pestle, a decent collection of herbs in stoppered bottles, a small wood stove, and a map cabinet containing a number (1d4 each) of useful local maps and national maps as well as one map of the valley showing the entrance and floor plans to the upper level chambers of the Valantica Caverns. Level Two contains the library with 339 volumes including histories of the local region, the national history, a half-dozen adventurers' journals including one from Thetis in his younger days, volumes on science, magic, religion, and geology as well as an extra Wizards spellbook, carefully concealed as a non-descript book in the geology bookcase. The Wizards' Spellbook has the following spells inscribed in it: Detect Magic, Hold Portal, Read Magic, Read Languages, Light, Charm Person, Sleep, Shield, Magic, Ventriliquism, Wizard Lock, Web, Detect Invisible, Invisibility, Mirror Image, Haste, Water Breathing, Monster Summoning I, and Charm Monster. There is also a cursed volume labeled "Spellbook" in the magic section. If the cursed book is opened, the reader must immediately make a successful saving throw versus magic, or will fall into a deep slumber, and can only be awakened from this coma like deep sleep if a remove curse spell is cast on the victim, a remove curse spell is cast on the book, or if a black opal of any value is shattered while the word "Arise" is incanted at the same time the opal is shattered. The spells in the cursed book all appear to be identical to the spells in the real spellbook with one important exception, Each spell is missing one incantation, component, or vital instruction rendering the cursed spellbook useless unless spell research is conducted by the wizard who wants to learn the spell in question. The curse on the spellbook can be negated if the reader places his hand on the cover and incants the word "sleep" when the book is first opened. The Ground Level contains the kitchen, and the living room of the tower. Appropriate furniture will be found here, dusty, but still useable, as well as utensils, silverware, kitchen tools, clay plates, ceramic cups, clay bowls, and three iron pots. The cellar contains a number (4d5) barrels with contaminated foodstuff and moldy grains. There is also a winerack with twenty-nine bottles of fine red wine in excellent condition. There is also an empty ice room in the cellar as well, long since cleared of anything valuable. The lowest level of the tower, the basement, contains a cistern of freshwater, 6 feet in diameter and 12 feet deep, as well as a hand operated water pump that pulls water into the cistern from the water table 120' beneath the surface in this area. In the bottom of the cistern is a +1 ring of protection as well as a wand of Charm Monster (8 charges) in a small silver box. There is also a claw-footed ceramic bathtub in the basement complete with a small drain that leads outside into a ravine about forty paces from the tower. The drain is too small for even a halfling to travel through it. Thetis has long since passed on to the afterworld.
Pasken Cabin, 20'x18' Log Cabin, A split rail front porch, one door, two windows in front, two windows in back, all windows with shutters. A one room cabin with a brick fireplace. Abandoned and empty except for a crude bed, a pantry, a large coffee table, four chairs, and a rocking chair. This locale is a favored meeting spot of lovers, outlaws, and elves in the region. Often Yaiar Gavrest will discreetly meet his elven friends here when they are visiting this region.
Stream Bed. There is stones, rock, gravel, and sand here, as well as fallen tree trunks, limbs, slippery mud, deep mud, and waist high grass and bushes, except in the sandy portions of the stream bed. Automatically roll for an encounter if anyone slips down the bank and approaches within 20 feet of the stream anywhere along the banks of this stream .
The Mistwards. This is an open area, or park, where some of the locals gather, and where visiting elves prefer to stay when traveling through the region. This is a favored meeting spot for the people residing here, during celebrations, festivals, parties, and the occassional challenge or duel.
Quthe Creek Bridge. 46' long, 14' wide, a wood stilt and beam bridge, with a wooden deck and a wooden curtain.
Evdon Creek Bridge. 36' long 18' wide, a stone arch bridge, with a stone deck and a stone curtain. Often, in the early evening Tressa Gavrest can be found here waiting for a passing traveler to catch the latest news.
Misttica Farm, North Pasture. A wooden gate keeps in 14 cows, 8 ewes, a ram, and a bull. Cows Htk: 6,5,9,8,5,7,9,10,5, 8,4,5,5,4 AC:9 Move: 9/18 Dmge/Attk: (1d6) accidental trample, Ewes Htk: 2,1,4,1,3,4,4,3 AC:7 Move: 6/12 Dmge/Attk: none Ram Htk:5 AC:6 Move:7/14 Dmge Attack (1d4+1) Horn Butt  The Bull, AC:7 Htk:15 Move:10/20 Damage/Attack: (1d6) (1d6) horns (1d4+2) trample or bash damage from a charge. The bull is unintelligent, hostile, and will attack any whom threaten the herd. Opening the wooden gate and stepping into the pasture is considered threatening the herd.
Valantica Caverns. The entrance to the Valantica caverns is a carefully concealed slit just a few feet high that runs for a dozen feet along the slope of the hill. An enormous overhanging rock covered granite slab almost completely conceals the entrance to the caverns. Making a successful search for a secret door when within 20' of the rock covered granite slab will reveal the cavern entrance to any random passerby. Full-sized human adventurers need to lay down and and crawl for 90 feet in order to enter the caverns. The ancient limestone between the granite layers has washed away, and the slit entrance gradually opens to a chamber approximately 90' wide by 40' long with a ceiling that is level and smooth granite 9' above the uneven and pool choked chamber floor. There are two major portions to the Valantica caverns, the upper chambers, and the lower depths, which are a gateway to the underworld. The maps provided here, only detail the upper chambers of the Valantica caverns since the caverns never really have been explored fully by humans.
Valantica Caverns Upper ChambersMap
Notes - NA = Number Appearing, HTK = Hits to Kill, ALN: Alignment,  AC = Armor Class, Damage/Attack = Damage Done/Attack Style, 
Move = Movement rate expressed in inches. In game scale each inch equals ten feet (approximately 3 meters). Common units of measure are feet, or a foot (approximately 1/3 of a meter), and can be expressed with an apostrophe, thusly - 27' = twenty-seven feet (roughly nine meters).
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