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At a recent convention, I chaired a Fantasy role-playing world creation workshop. Eight game masters, or dungeon masters signed up for the workshop. We covered a wide variety of topics useful for DM’s interested in building their own fantasy and/or science fiction world.

Known in gaming circles as custom,  or, “Home Brew”, fantasy role playing worlds, we  discussed how to create fantasy and sci-fi gaming worlds rich in detail for our players. What surprised me completely as moderator for this workshop was the diversity of worlds presented by the various DM’s at the table. There were representatives of games including many variants of Wizards of the Coast Dungeons and Dragons (c), White Wolf Vampire: the Masquerade (c), and TSR’s Gamma World (c), to name a few, and even game masters for completely custom designed games. There would have been even more participants, but all the slots for the workshop were filled up.

We covered social and economic development, the effects of long-term development of magic and technology, we also covered race relations and multi-racial worlds where human and even humanoid characters are a minority. We covered scenario and adventure development, and how to develop “Hooks” that would inspire and excite all the game players that participate in our games.

We all learned a few shortcuts in building fantasy worlds, And I came to the realization during the course of this event that we could all use a forum to continually improve our gaming world, and to exchange ideas on world development, hence the “World Building Guild” was born.

Here on these pages you will find resources to help you as a GM, in creating your own fantasy world. Need a starting place to build your own fantasy world? Take a look at these web pages. Short on Ideas for a new campaign or scenario, look here !!! Just want to surf the web? You will find links here that will help inspire you, to make your world a unique and interesting place.

If you would like to sign up and become a guild member, ( It’s Free!!!) just point your web browser to:


and sign up. This is a moderated forum, so you should see no spam or off topic posts. You will be e-mailed whenever this web site is updated, as well as when members make contributions, or if you simply have a question about building a fantasy or sci-fi gaming world, just post a message to the Fantasyworlds forum.

As a final note, I'm looking forward to seeing contributions from various guild members, as well, concerning their favorite game. Thanks for your time.

To Good Gaming!

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