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The Abandoned Stronghold, Crystalmeer Castle, Crystalmeer
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Ramp The ramp is approximately 25' wide, 175' long, and rises some 90' from the ice plain to the top of the cliffs. There is a secret door on the ice plain level in the lower arch of the ramp leading to a passageway that connects with the underground tunnel system of the stronghold. (See Underground Map) Snowcat tracks, and other unidentifiable smaller humanoid tracks can be found on the ramp in the snow.
Archway At the top of the ramp is an archway. The archway contains two sheltered 8'x10'guard rooms. In each room is a ladder that leads up 30' to a trapdoor allowing access to the rooftop battlement. The trapdoors can be barred from either the battlement, or from underneath at the ladder. 
This is a 70' deep crevasse, 120' long, covered with snow. Access to the stronghold can be easily gained by tunneling into the snow outside of the stronghold and walking up the crevasse itself under the wall into the keep. In addition, ice tunnels cut by the goblins intersect with the crevasse (See Underground Map)
In the gatehouse is the control wheel for the drawbridge. The chains are broken, and the drawbridge is frozen into place, down, allowing access to the stronghold. A ladder in the gatehouse allows access to the gatehouse roof/battlement via a trapdoor.
Great Hall
The great hall consists of a large open area, with an enormous vaulted ceiling that rises approximately 70' from the ground level. Along the west wall are private meeting rooms, and a stairwell that leads down to the cellar. On the North wall is a large hearth big enough to roast two full sized game animals, used for heating the hall, and cooking. The center of the hall is filled with long tables. In the Northeast and Northwest corner of the hall are stairways leading to the second level, where there are more rooms, and a common sleeping area. Dimensions: 75' x 50' x 70' (LWH) Great Hall Maps
Big Tower
The Big Tower is the heart of this stronghold, 75 feet in diameter, and over 100 feet tall, this was once the home of a Valir Lord. Big Tower Maps
Tower House
The Tower House contains a stairwell allowing access to the battlement of the Big Tower.
Collapsed Stable
35' wide, and 80' long. The stable runs North-South. The southern portion of the stables are relatively intact. The northern portion of the building has collapsed, and part of the building is in the crevasse, in all cases the collapsed portions of the building are buried in a few feet of snow, making footing unsure and passage over the collapsed building a hazardous affair. In the southern portion of the building are horse stalls, and one cage for snowcats. The cage is 12' tall, and 10'x20' with the main door to the cage missing. 
Store Rooms
Each of the store rooms is 50' x 20' x 15'  (LWH). The two southern store rooms have been cleared of everything, and straw laid down on the wood floor to serve as a makeshift stable. The western store room is still the same as originally designed with nets in the rafters where wooden boxes and crates with foodstuff where hung from the ceiling. There are three open shelves running just about the length of the storeroom with various sundry.containers, and an open area along the east wall with barrels, most of which are empty. A careful search will reveal one barrel containing frozen tobacco, one barrel containing frozen fish, and two pony kegs of frozen goats milk, in addition, a case (20 bottles) of good quality wine can be found as well.
Northwest Tower
25' in diameter by 70' tall (DH). The bottom 20' of the tower is below ground. All four of the corner towers are like this.  
Southwest Tower
25' in diameter by 70' tall (DH). The bottom 20' of the tower is below ground. All four of the corner towers are like this.  
Northeast Tower
25' in diameter by 70' tall (DH). The bottom 20' of the tower is below ground. All four of the corner towers are like this. 
Southeast Tower
25' in diameter by 70' tall (DH). The bottom 20' of the tower is below ground. All four of the corner towers are like this.  
None of the smaller towers have doorways at the ground level, instead they are all linked via a series of underground passageways. Ground level access to the underground level can be gained through the great hall, the big tower, via the secret entrance in the ramp, or via the goblin tunnels. All of the human constructed tunnels feature doors that can be barred from either side. The Goblins know the layout of the stronghold, and the underground passages well, and will use lumber to bar the doors to slow pursuit whenever appropriate. 
Underground Map
Notes - NA = Number Appearing, HD = Hit Dice, MU = Magic User, AC = Armor Class, Htk = Hits to kill, h.p. = hit points ALN = Alignment (LWH) = Length, Width, Height (DH) = Diameter, Height, Int = Intelligence
Random Encounter Table Roll 1x per day within the ice stronghold, roll for any room with no listing, or that is indicated as empty on the maps presented here. Once an encounter is used, mark it off the list and treat the subsequent roll as "No Encounter".
2d12 Die Roll  The Abandoned Stronghold
2 Snowcat, AC:4 HD:6 Htk:28 Mve:20 Dmge / attk: 1d6 / 1d6 claws, 1d8 bite Int:11. This snowcat is an wildcat that has been sleeping right up until the time the players approach. The snowcat is wearing an amulet of protection from were-creatures, but does not know the amulet is enchanted.
3 An Anvil. The Anvil is heavy, 120 lbs, but is in excellent condition. The Anvil has been booby trapped by the goblins with a contact poison, and if it is moved, and the person moving it is not wearing gloves, a saving throw must be made versus a contact poison that causes sleep. The effects of the sleep poison will wear off in 2d6 hours.
4 Partially collapsed ceiling, may give way with any additional weight, or if a storm brings more snow while the players are in the room. There is also an Ice Spider in the room. Ice Spiders are a mildly poisonous hunter. The spider achieves surprise on a d6 roll of 1-5, is white, tiny, and will attack any living warm creature. AC:5 HD:1/2 Htk:1 dmge/attack: 1 + poison. The poison causing minor swelling and uncontrollable itching for 1d3 days resulting in discomfort, and the player bitten needing to make a saving throw when they attempt to do something that requires concentration.  Against tiny creatures, the ice spider poison is lethal. A stone tablet can be found in the room as well. The tablet documents the successful story of a Wizard who was on a quest to save a woman believed to be the last shapechanger.
The Blue Spinel Gem
A successful search will reveal a loose stone in the floor. A small pocket under the stone will reveal a cloth bag with a gold inlaid ivory pipe carved in the likeness of a wizard. The pipe has a large round shiny blue-green spinel gem embedded in it worth 492 gold pieces. The pipe is otherwise a normal pipe with no enchanted properties.
6 The room has been altered by the Goblins, and they have dug numerous pits for waste disposal. One of the pits is over a weak spot in the floor and stepping on it, or near it (within 5')  may cause it to give give way resulting in the floor collapsing. If there is no level under the room, the collapsed floor will give way to a narrow crack, 8' deep in the Ice underneath the building that will trap an unwary player for 1d4 rounds. The room is otherwise empty.
7 No Encounter
8 No Encounter
9 Ice Roaches infest this room. They are living on goblin refuse and ice. In addition to the harmless (but distracting) goblin pets here, the room is trapped with a blade of ice, that will fall on the first person entering the room doing the same damage as a dagger.
10 The room is empty of anything of value, The walls are cracked open here where the stronghold has shifted on the ice. 
11 No Encounter
12 No Encounter
13 No Encounter
14 No Encounter
15 The floor in this room has been disfigured, 6d6 random blocks have been pulled up in no apparent (or actual) pattern, some blocks have been fractured and all are scattered over the floor of the room. Also, a careful search will reveal a single golden bee figurine worth 10 gold. It is not enchanted.
16 Here the walls are cracked, stress fractures are evident where the building is starting to buckle. Concealed in plain sight on top of one of the support beams that crisscross the ceiling near the roof is a rolled up scroll, nailed to the top of the beam. The cold temperature has preserved the scroll perfectly, and it is non-magical, however, contains instructions on how to add the spell Monster Summoning V to a wizard's spellbook.
17 There are three good shovels, and five snow shovels scattered about the room. The goblins looted the store room and use the shovels for snow removal and for excavation, but more often than not, they are uninterested in that type of work. Here they left the shovels when they were finished with their last job, hoping perhaps that Gorb would also forget about digging and excavating.
18 Snowcats NA:2 AC:4 HD:6 Htk:34, 34 Mve:20 Dmge / attk: 1d6 / 1d6 claws, 1d8 bite Int:9,5
An untamed hunting pair has turned this room into a Den. They enjoy feasting on meat and fish the goblins occassionally bring them. The goblins give these two free passage, and becauase they get meat from the goblins the white snow panthers will not attack them. If hungry, or cornered, this pair may attack the players though! 
19 The floor is cracked in places, showing through even to the floor below, or if this is the lowest floor, to the ice foundation the stronghold rests on. Nothing else of value or interest in the room.
20 Giant Ice Constrictors NA: 2 AC:7 HD: 8 Htk: 40, 41 Mve: 18 Dmge / Attk 3-12 crushing damage. Once a successful attack is made, these snakes will continue crushing stopping only when the victim is dead. These reptiles are the result of a mad wizards' experiment gone awry. They thrive in cold temperatures, the colder it gets the faster they move, and the warmer it gets, the slower they move. In the summertime, they find a cold hole to crawl into to and hibernate until the snow begins to fall. They are highly resistant to cold receiving only 1/4 damage from cold based attacks, and they are vulnerable to fire taking double damage from any fire based attack. On the floor in the room is the remains of what was once a goblin. All that remains are bones, and the undigestable portions of the goblin The goblins' chainmail armor is in a heap on the floor and missing all digestible parts, leather straps, etc.. In another part of the room, in a small sealed decanter on the floor, a Valir heirloom, water of the Skalje River. 

The Skalje is said to flow through Valhalla, and as such, the river is reputed to have unusual powers. In this case, it will imbue the drinker with the power to summon a Frost Giant. The Frost Giant will appear 1d4 days after the imbiber consumes the water, will fight for the imbiber until dead, until the imbiber is dead, until ordered to return to Valhalla, or for one year and a day. The bottle is clearly marked with the family runes of the Ulgart clan. (For those that read Valir runes), but is otherwise unremarkable. Detect Magic will reveal that the bottle is enchanted. Only a sage, or a senior member of the Ulgart family will know of the Legends of the Skalje. The water will taste fresh and pure and clean, and the whole bottle must be consumed for the frost giant to appear. If there is more than one drinker from the bottle, the Frost Giant will serve the drinker that emptied the decanter.

21 The walls is beginning to fracture here under the shifting weight of the stronghold. The floor of the room is littered with small white crab shells. Leather scraps, now frozen can be found as well, and the tattered remains of several shredded deerskins.
22 Straw covers the floor in this room. Two mules are alive, well, and tied to a ring in the wall. A crude trough filled with water provides for them. The mules are used by the goblins whenever they need to sneak into town on an errand. AC:7 HD1 Htk 9,8 Dmge/attk 1d4, 1d4 kick. The mules are ill tempered and uncooperative.  In a pile on the floor are several saddleblankets, along with two pack frames for the mules to carry heavy loads. There is also a set of saddlebags. In the saddlebags is a map of Snowshade along with two silver candlesticks, and two broadswords (not enchanted).
23 The floor is cracked in several places. There is a 14' frost worm here. AC: 4 HD 6 Mve 10 Htk: 29 
Dmge / attk: 1d4 (bite) Special attack: 4d6 icebolt. The Frostworm is a nuetral, unintelligent giant worm covered with a reptilian like leather carapace. They typically hunt small mammals devouring them, and can up to 3x a day spit an icebolt. Enough ice is generated with each attack to seal a normal human sized doorway. The ice worms may block or slow attackers by spitting ice, and then burrow into the snow, or ground to make their escape.  They create tunnels 1-3' in diameter when burrowing.
24 Wolves' Den NA: 5 AC: 7 HD4,2,1,1,1 Htk: 29, 14, 8, 6, 6 Mve: 16 Dmge / Attk: 1d4+1 bite. The wolves are kept locked in this room by the Goblins and are used to hunt game. They are aggressive, hostile, and hungry.
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