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Crystalmeer Castle, Crystalmeer
 Map Key - Scale 1 hex = 352 yards or 1,056 feet. For orientation, consider North to be at the top of this map. The trees in the area mostly consist of Larch Pine, there are also stands of fir and spruce as well in the area. The trees vary in height from just a few feet tall to over 120 feet in hieght, and fifty feet in diameter. The area has an abundance of wildlife including oxen, deer, reindeer, snowcats, wild snow steeds, caribou, seals, walruses, and bears. Monsters that roam the region include ice goblins, giant ice serpents, frost worms, and wolves. The local diet is mostly comprised of hunted game, supplemented with fish obtained by ice fishermen cutting holes in the ice plain. Food is expensive, and is imported into this region.
JG Hex #-  
0413  An abandoned mine. A simple horizontal passage carved into the side of this plateau hits rock after going  through 25 feet of ice. The passage is more or less straight, slopes downward at a slight angle and goes another 70 feet through the permafrost and into the rock of the hillside. At the end of the shaft is a played out 
gold vein. There is still plenty of mediocre quartz crystal here. 29 cubic feet all told
0510  A warm geothermal spring upwells through the ice here. Twice a day, the pressure builds up enough to shatter the ice in a 30' diameter  and warm steaming water flows over the existing ice and then soon freezes.
0714  A sign marks the direction  to Snowshade Village and also to East Spear Village. At one time, the ice ships used this as a guide
0815  The  Abandoned Stronghold. part of the big tower roof is missing, and the stable has mosty collapsed as well, and the store rooms within the keep have been converted to stables. A drawbridge has been built at the front gate, and a moat (often crusted over with ice, and filled with snow separates the stronghold from the Ice Plain, below. Eighteen Ice Goblins have made this keep their home. Whenever anyone approaches during the day, the place will appear empty as the goblins have tunneled a lair from a secret entrance in the cellar of the great hall 150' to the Southwest. At night, there is a good chance to meet one or more goblins roaming around. The goblins occassionally sneak into Snowshade and steal when they must, but mostly hunt game at night. ALN: LN NA: 18 Lvl: Leader - 7th lvl MU, Htk:20  AC:4 Henchmen HD: 2,2  Htk:2, 1  AC:6,5  Hirelings HD: 1,1,1 Htk 2,2,2 AC:6 Females HD: 1/2 (x5) Htk: 1,1,1, 3, 2  AC:6 Young 1h.p. (x6) 1,1,1,1,1,1 AC:6    The Leader, Gorb, knows the following spells: Sleep, Magic Missile, Ventriliquism, Protection from Good/Evil. Darkness 5' radius, Continual light, Pyrotechnics, Haste, Fly, Fear. Gorb also carries a +2 Dagger (+3 versus undead), and has an enchanted staff that can dispel magic 4x per day, can cast clairvoyance 2x per day,  and the staff will turn the user permanently lawful. Any initial encounter with the goblins will occur in the great hall, and the goblins, if outclassed or outnumbered will attempt to conceal themselves from stronghold intruders, and failing that will attempt to bargain with whatever they have in their possession. They will defend themselves if attacked, and have a chest in their lair with 42 Gold coins, 139 Silver coins, Two Silver plates, a 100 GC gem, and two wizards' spellbooks in addition to the spellbook Gorb carries. His two henchmen have chainmail and shield armor and carry three Javelins each and are armed with swords. The three hirelings carry small shields, and have spears. The females do 1-4 damage clawing and biting, and the goblin young will do 1d2 claw & bite damage.
Abandoned Stronghold Floorplan
1412,1413, 1513, 1613  Crystalmeer Castle 
 1416, 1516, 1616  Snowshade (Village) Snowshade
The Monastary of Istral Valim
The Ice Road Inn
Notes - NA = Number Appearing, HD = Hit Dice, MU = Magic User, AC = Armor Class, Htk = Hits to kill, h.p. = hit points ALN = Alignment
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