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Snowshade Village, Crystalmeer Castle, Crystalmeer
 Mapkey -  Scale 1 hex = 10.5 yards or 34'. Snowshade is a small village scattered throughout the valleys surrounding Crystalmeer Castle.This map covers the heart of the village located in hex 1516 on the Crystalmeer Castle Trimphant Grand Tactical map. The village supports a population of just over 1,800 souls. Ice ships traveling the only route navigable by Ice Ships to East Spear village, stop here for rest and minor repairs. In addition the village supports the Crystalmeer military represented by Barbarian Clans, Wizards, and Clerics that are stationed at Crystalmeer Castle. There is one Temple in town, with clerics representing Frigga, the wife of Odin, an excellent freshwater supply and bath house, The Firewatch Inn, The Endfast House, a tavern, a feed, seed, and dry goods store, a moneychanger, an alchemy shop, barracks for off-duty troops of the local lord, and a market hall where people from the region congregate to trade, exchange news, and gossip. The village is secured, being in the shadows of Crystalmeer Castle. Crystalmeer Castle is the primary stronghold that guards the southern ice ship trade routes in this region. The population is mostly composed of the Valir Ice Barbarians, with a minority of Ice Elves, and a handful of residents that are of other races. 
A-  Palingtons' Feed, Seed, & Dry Goods Store. Thurgir Hjalkvi "Hothead" is the proprietor, a Valir tribesman who traveled south in his youth and was educated in the Great Kingdom of Merthyr. After working for many years as a translator, guide, and scout, he took his savings and traveled south, buying goods from merchants in Northern Tefi. He returned to the village of his youth, Snowshade, and set up a dry goods store. Lvl: 7 AC:9 HD: 7+1 Htk: 30 Aln: LN Str-10 Int-15 Wis-8 Con-15 Dex-12 Chr-11 Thurgir has a +2 Longsword, and a +3 Harpoon. and in addition to his store inventory, he has a chest concealed under the floorboards in his shop containing 350 gold coins, and two diamonds worth 250 g.p. each. Thurgir is married, and his wife Zeeva helps him run the store. 
Zeeva Ac:9 HD:2 Htk:9 Mve: 12 Dmge/Attk: +2 Dagger 1d4+2. Str-5 Int-11 Wis-10 Con-12 Dex-11 Chr-9
In addition Thurgir has hired two clerks and a scribe / accountant. Clerks: Otgir the Elder, AC:9 HD4 Htk: 16 Mve:10 Dmg/Attk: Club 1d6 and Landi the Boy, AC:9, HD:1 Htk:5 Mve:12 Dmge/Attk 1d6 Club. The Scribe is named Gunnar Cutzoan, he is an adept of Frigga AC:9 HD: 2 Htk:8 and knows the following spells: Cure Light Wounds, Detect Evil, Protection From Evil, and may cast one of these spells each day. Str-12 Int-8 Wis-13 Con-7 Dex-12 Chr-11. There are two silos out behind the store, one contains oats for horses, the other contains hay for cattle and other herbivorous pack animals. In addition, The following goods are available 95% of the time in the store: Note that bolts of cloth are 1 x 20 yards and prices are for a single item unless otherwise noted.
Item Price 
(Gold Coins)
Item Price
(Gold Coins)
Item  Price
(Gold Coins)
Oats, 50lb 
Burlap Bag
37 Carrotseed 1lb bag 40 Lumbermans'
Wool Shirt
Hay, Sheaf 25lb 17 Tomato seed 1lb bag 40 Buckskin Gloves 2
Burlap Bags
500 Coin Capacity
2 Mixed Nuts - Pecan, Walnuts, Chestnuts,
5lb bag
25 Fur Cap 4
Wheat Seeds
10lb Bag
20 Coffee beans, 5lb bag 15 Bear Fur Coat 95
Corn, 50lb Burlap Bag 19 Tea, 5lb bag 12 Deerskin Coat 14
Cornseed 50lb Bag 25 Wool Cloth Bolt  15 Bear Fur Boots 28
Barley 50lb Bag 15 Linen Cloth Bolt 20 Deerskin Boots 12
Twine 10 yards 2 Sail Linen Bolt 50 Woolen Socks 1
Candles (dozen) 1 Flax Linen Bolt 8 Small Rug 10
Oil Lantern 10 Thread 10 yards 1 Bearskin Rug 125
Nutcracker 1 Rope 50'  2 Deerskin Blanket 10
Hand Tools Negotiable Ivory needles 1 Saddleblanket 6
Wooden Bucket 2 Ivory Sail Needles 5 Horse Blanket 8
Wooden Tub 5 Wooden Eating Utensils 1 Wool Blankets 4
 Small Wooden Animal Trap 5 Large Wooden Spoon 1 Silver Large Wooden Animal Trap 12
Waterskin 2 Wooden Trencher 1 Snowcat Trap 40
Wood Saw 4 Wooden Bowl 1 Silver Cow Bell 25
Hammer 5 Clay Dish 4 Hoist or Pulley 25
Fine Wool Blankets 8 Iron Pot 5 Hard Candy 1lb 1
Notes: A Horse needs a minimum of 8-10 lbs of grain a day, plus additional foraging time. Cattle need 15 lbs of pure seed grain, or at least double that in hay, and sheep need 10-11lbs of grain a day to remain healthy, and that is in good weather! Snowcat traps are typically iron cages with a trapdoor ceiling. They are carefully buried in the snow and a live game animal (bait) is staked over the trapdoor. Snowcats are semi-intelligent, or intelligent, so once they have seen a trap in operation 50% prob, are likely to detect the trap (base 45% Prob + 1% every time a Snowcat Trap is encountered).
B-  Ice Sailors Guildhouse - Home to the Ice Ship sailors whenever they are in town, In addition 3d6 local laborers from the cartage guild, and wanna-be sailors that work for, or are interested in working for, the Ice Ship companies will be found here at any given time. The Guildhouse contains guest rooms for ship crew, and will also accomodate passengers that book passage who have arrived from remote areas outside of town. Guildhouses are often staffed by older sailors that can no longer withstand the extreme conditions that are considered normal  for a working ice ship crew. In this particular guild house there is also a meeting hall for guildmembers, and a large kitchen. Cooking is a bring your own food, do-it yourself affair, but there is plenty of cookware, plates, bowls, trenchers and utensils, and a roaring fire always going in this place. The Sailors Guild charges every member 5 gold coins per month guild dues, and every member wears a gold medallion engraved with their name and the name of the guildhouse. The ship dog that runs this Guildhouse is named Alvir Tornstag Lvl 6 AC:6 Lvl 6 Htk: 21 Mve: 12 Dmge/Attk: +1 Cutlass 2d4+1.Str-10 Int-11 Wis-13 Con-12 Dex-6 Chr-14. Alvir has two bodyguards with him at all times AC:4 Lvl 3 Htk: 13,10 armed with longswords, shields. and crossbows. If unable to negotiate and threatened, or in a fight, Alvir will dodge out and attempt to round up 4d6 other guildmembers around town. Treasure in the guildhouse safe: prob 30% of 100-400 Gold Coins 40% of 200-500 Silver Coins, and 10%  chance of 1d4 gems or jewels, and a 10% chance of a map of some sort. In addition, there are ten Sailor Guild medallions worth 10 gold coins each in the safe. Individually, the guildmembers will 60% prob have 1d4x5 (5-20) gold and silver coins on them.
Temple of Frigga The Followers of the wife of Odin maintain a wooden temple and small wooden monastery here. Led by Lady Gydrid Holmsa Lvl-9 Htk:23 AC:5 Dmge/Attk: +2 Staff (1d6+2) Str-13 Int-11 Wis-16 Con-10 Dex-10 Chr-10 Spells: Cure Lt. Wounds, Charm Person, Detect Evil, Charm Animal, Speak w/ Animals, Bless, Remove Curse, Cure Disease, Fly, Nuetralize Poison, Quest, Runes of Warding.  The runes of warding are similar to the Glyph of Warding except that runestones with the glyphs are usually prepared in advance with a glyph being chiseled as a rune into a stone. The glyph remains visible and faintly glows. The rune ward is activated with the same word (but not the word inscribed on the stone) that when spoken, would allow the speaker to pass the Runes of Warding unharmed.  Many wards protect the temple of Frigga from intruders. There are also two curates, four adepts, and four acolytes that reside here, dispensing help to the needy, and delivering people from danger. at any given time 50% of the clerics are away from the temple leading rescue parties or patrolling with other followers of Frigga for trouble in the areas around the village. Any of the clerics will be armed with a staff, the curates carry +1 staffs, and the followers will be armed with a variety of weapons. 50% of the followers of Frigga are Valir barbarian warriors. At any given time there are 2d6 followers of Frigga in the temple. Lady Holmsa keeps all the offerings in the great hall of the temple. The offerings are protected by 1d4 runewards each and include the following: A treasure map (scroll), leading to a long lost Talari (Ice Elf) outpost. A treasure map leading to a shipwreck off the southern coast. A blue crystal ring of water walking. If somebody attempts to steal any of the offerings roll on the following table to determine the effect of each runeward:
Roll 1d10
Alarm Chime 
9 rds
18 point Firestrike
18 point Lightning Strike
Causes paralysis for 18 rds, 1/2 if save made
Lose 4 Strength
Lose 4 Dexterity 
Fear 18 rounds
18 point Acid Shower
Lose 1 level
age 10 years
Will drain 3 charges from any single magic item

If offended, disturbed, or attacked, the justice from lady Holmsa is swift and sure, and the offender is most likely to be quested to carry a runeward northeast 99 miles into the wilderness to the polar werewolf Skarjald. Lady Holmsa owes Skarjald her life, but will not risk approaching the lycanthrope as Skarjald desires only to spread the disease, even to her. She will not tell the offenders she is sending them to deliver a runeward to a lycanthrope either.

Temple of Frigga Map
The Cedar Dome,  The Alchemists' Shop. Lvri the Alchemist lives and works here. Lvri is an old bearded sage who specializes in crafting potions. He is seeking the secret to immortality which causes the other locals to treat him almost as an outcast, being he doesn't want to go to Valhalla and all... Nonetheless, the locals will quietly go to him for advice or counsel when seeking healing in unusal circumstances, or when unforseen events occur, and especially in regards to potions, metallurgy, and for advice on transmutation type effects and spells. Lvri Lvl-8, 
Htk: 29 Mve:9 Str-11 Int-13 Wis-10 Con-15 Dex-8 Chr-9 Lvri is an accomplished fighter with a staff and carries a +2 staff given to him by the followers of Frigga (1d6+2). Lvri also has several special attacks he may elect to make using the staff including (Staff Sweeps: A successful hit does normal damage and renders the target prone. Shatter: In which a joint or bone is shattered and rendered useless by a strike. -2 to hit however a successful hit will do damage and reduce the targets' mobility. Lvri prefers kneecaps and ankles with this. Weaponstrike:a successful hit jars an opponent forcing said opponent to drop his/her/its weapon.(disarm))  Lvri also has 2d4 of each of the following items, potions and elixers for sale in his establishment. Prices are in gold coins unless otherwise noted, and Lvri will negotiate, giving very favorable exchange rates to those who bring knowledge, news, or other alchemy tools, elixers, utensils, and items for him:
Healing Vial, Cure Lt. Wounds 1d8 199 Flask, Ice Dragon Spittle 3d4 1199 5lb bag of
iron ore
Vial, Rusting Agent 229 Flask, 
Kings water
899 Healing Flask, cure moderate wounds 2d8 499
Flask, Oil 2 1 lb bag Salt - yellow flame when burnt 1d2 1 Vial, Magnesium powder bright white flame  1d6 149
Vial, Mercury
129 1 lb iron bar 4 Flask of White Phosphorus  dmge:1d6 + 2d6 375
Flask of Acid, 
1d6 + 2d6, etc.
179 Vial, Fulminating Silver 
damage: 3d6
419 Flask, herring skin water - glows in the dark 19
Flask of Alkali
1d6 + 2d6, etc.
199 Flask, Fulminating Gold damage: 3d6 299 Phosphorescent Lantern 39
Vial of Copper Dust - green flame  1d2 5 Vial of Copper Chloride - blue flame 1d2 15 Vial of Celestite
Crystals - burns crimson red 1d2
Notes: Ice Dragon spittle freezes instantly when exposed to air. The Rusting Agent will completely rust through a 1/2" iron chain in 1d4 hours, and will corrode steel weakening it in 4d6 hours. Mercury is poisonous, Magnesium, when ignited, continues to burn, even underwater, or without air, until completely oxidized. White Phosporous is kept in water and automatically ignites when exposed to air. Phosporous burns so hot it can melt bone. Acid is corrosive and will continue to do damage every round until the acid is neutralized or washed away with plenty of water. Fulminating Silver is a liquid, or powder, that explodes violently with the slightest percussion. Alkali is a corrosive that will continue to do burn damage until nuetralized or washed away. Alkali and acid nuetralize each other. Fulminating Gold, stable when a fluid, should never be allowed to evaporate as it is also highly explosive when dry, and shock sensitive as well, but not as sensitive as fulminating silver. Phosphorescent Lantern - Illuminates a 15' radius, activated by being shook up, provides Red, Green, or Blue illumination for 1d4+8 hours. Copper Dust (or barium, a metal) burns with the flame an emerald green color, and copper chloride burns deep blue. Celestite crystals look like ordinary crystal, but burn with a bright crimson flame when ignited. Kings Water dissolves gold! The gold can later be recovered from the Kings Water' with a cyanide (poisonous) gold-plating extraction process. The Cure Light Wounds elixer will heal over a period of one hour, and the Cure Moderate Wounds elixer will heal over a period of 1d4 hours.
Vardor the Moneychanger If you need coinage, Vardor, a dogmatic, but honest man, is the man to see. 
Vardor Lvl-5 AC:9 Htk: 15 Mve:12 Dmge/Attk: +1 Dagger Str-9 Int-13 Wis-11 Con-8 Dex-9 Chr-9 By appointment only! He will trade using the following currency exchange rates, and they are fixed non-negotiable rates. Vardor will not buy gems or jewels under any circumstances. In addition to a pair of Runewards protecting his home and shop, Vardor has 2d6 hired Valir bodyguards, 33% prob that they will be around at any given time, and 100% when moneychanging operations are underway. Valir Bodyguard AC:7 Lvl: 8,5,3,3,3,2,2,2,2,1,1,1 Htk: 36,19, 8, 8, 6, 11, 9,  8, 6, 4, 3, 3 Mve:12 Dmge/Attk 1d8 bone longsword or, 1d6 Ivory bone-tipped javelin. Each bodygaurd carries 1d6 bone javelins and a longsword, The leader of the bodyguards, Reykvir Asgi is a 7'+ giant with extraordinary strength. Reykvir wields a +2 Mattock Dmge/Attk: (1d12+6). Vardor is unavailable most of the time, with one of the bodyguards in the shop making appointments for him.
Vardor's Coin Exchange Rates
He will pay
Selling to you
 7 Silver Coins for 1 Gold
1 Gold for 11 Silver
8 Copper pennies for 1 Silver
1 Silver for 11 Copper
72 Gold Coins for 1 Platinum
1 Platinum for 105 Gold
Gems, Jewels, Mithril, Mithral, Adamantine, or Adamite, or Adamanite -- Will not buy
Not selling Mithril, Mithral, Adamite 
Adamantine or Adamanite. May sell -- 25% Prob Gems, or Jewels
Firewatch Hall (Inn) The Firewatch Hall is a Valir Great House converted into an Inn and Tavern. The story goes that the Inn is so named, as even before the place was converted to an Inn, the owner Giltree Angbjold provided shelter and food for the volunteers that made up  the village fire watch. Being a generous host, Giltree indulged the volunteers with food and drink, and especially drink. One night, a fire did break out, burning a good portion of the village to the ground. The fire watch was so inebriated, all they could do that night was watch the fire. Afterward, Giltree was charged by the local clans and villagers to maintain a round the clock firewatch at his own expense. He has hired three fire wardens that live in the Firewatch Hall, they work in shifts and roam the village serving to alert the locals in case of fire. The name stuck. The Inn serves Ice ship passengers, travellers passing through, and locals that come to town from the surrounding wilderness for a time. Prices are somewhat high, but this is the only Inn in the village.

Giltree Angbjold 9th lvl, AC:7 Htk:29 Mve:12 Dmge Attack: +2 Double-Bladed Battleaxe (1d8+2) Str-13 Int-10 Wis-7 Con-15 Dex-11 Chr-8 Giltree wears a silver +2 Ring of protection inlaid with a black opal that grants him an improved armor class as well as a +2 bonus to saving throws. He has 1,345 Gold Coins, 221 Silver coins, and 1d12 gems stashed in his home in the village.

Hoskyr Vingmark 8th Lvl Ranger AC:6 Htk:41 Mve:12 Dmge/Attk: +2 Longbow (1d6), +2 Crystal Longsword (1d8+2), +1 Long Dagger (1d4+1) 30 +1 Arrows (1d6+1), 20 +2 Arrows(1d6+2), 20  Arrows (1d6). +1 Leather Armor.
Hoskyr is a guardian of the Firewatch, and can be found there (prob 40%) at any given time. An experienced tracker and hunter, Hoskyr will attack any type of Gnoll on sight, and often leads hunting, and rescue parties into the wilderness. In addition he often hires out as a guide. Hoskyr is a good skier, and an accomplished Snowcat rider. He has a trained white Snowcat mount, Tamberlyn AC:4 HD:6 Htk:18 Mve:20 Dmge/Attk: Claw1d6/Claw1d6 Bite;1d8 Int:8 Hoskyr is cautious and vengeful remembering slights and insults for a long time.

"Stub-toe" Helgholm 5th Lvl AC: Htk:27 Mve:12 Dmge/Attk: +1 Broadsword (2d4+1), "Trollslayer" Longsword +1/+3 Vs. Trolls(1d8+1/+3) Aln:LN Int:10 Ego:9 Trollslayer is an intelligent sword with the ability to speak in the Valir and Common tongues. In addition, the sword has the following abilities it grants to the user - Detect Trolls in a 60' radius, Detect Evil in a 10' Radius, and also detects precious metals, amount, and type, in a 30' radius. Helgholm is Giltrees' right-hand man, providing security for the Inn, and throwing out rabble, and breaking up fights. Loyal and Honest, a long-time friend to Giltree. Helgholm also earns extra money occassionaly hiring out to adventuring parties and to prospectors for a time. The blade, Trollslayer, is imbued with the spirit of a Wizard whose keep was overrun by Trolls, before he died, the Wizard worked diligently to create this unique weapon. If the Sword hears about a Troll sighting in the area it will use all the persuasive force available to urge Helgholm to investigate, and over the years the man and his sword have created such a bond that Helgholm usually drops whatever he is doing and investigates. Helgholm has more than eight Trollslayings to his credit and is well respected in the village.

Vutland Svirgist 3rd Lvl Firewarden AC:7 Htk:14 Mve:12 Dmge/Attk:Longsword (1d8) Str-12 Int-16 Wis-11 Con-14 Dex-9 Chr-9 Vutland can be found in the Inn in the Late Afternoon, and at night, at other times he is patrolling the village.
Urul Hruald 6th Lvl Firewarden AC:7 Htk:26 Mve:12 Dmge/Attk:+1 Longsword (1d8-1) Str-6 Int-8 Wis-7 Con-10 Dex-15 Chr-10 Urul can be found in the inn in the late afternoon, and at night. In the morning he is on duty as Firewarden.
Sven Huskulf 6th Lvl Firewarden AC:7 Htk:21 Mve:12 Dmge/Attk: (+2 Broadsword (2d4+3) Str-15 Int-10 Wis-9 Con-8 Dex-10 Chr-8  Ssven is the nightwatch firewarden. In the daytime, he can be found sleeping in the common sleep area or in the kitchen.
Islif Reygnir 2nd lvl Cook AC:9 Htk:9 Mve:12 Dmge/Attk: Iron Skillet (1d6), or Butcher Knife (1d4+1) Str-7 Int-5 Wis-14 Con-8 Dex-12 Chr-10 Islif is in the cellar kitchen early in the morning, and at sunset. In the middle of the day, he may be at the market hall buying Inn supplies.
Ashi Vingmark 7th lvl, Innkeeper, Wife of Giltree Angbjold AC:9 Htk:27 Mve:12 Dmge/Attk: + 2 Short Sword (1d6+3) Str-14 Int-12 Wis-9 Con-12 Dex-11 Chr-17 Ashi will be with Giltri most of the time (prob 70%).
Sigri Selinde 2nd lvl Inn Waitress & Servant AC:9 Htk:7 Mve:12 Dmge/Attk: +1 Dagger (1d4+1) Str-10 Int-11 Wis-16 Con-11 Dex-12 Chr-8 Sigri works six days a week at the Inn from the early morning to the late hours of the night.
Katli Thor 1st lvl Inn Waitress & Servant AC:9 Htk:5 Mve:12 Dmge/Attk: Club (1d6) Str-11 Int-9 Wis-14 Con-13 Dex-11 Chr-14 Katli works four days a week from dawn till after sunset, usually on the weekend at the Inn. All the servants with the exception of Hoskyr (who is a friend) are paid 20 gold coins a month plus room and board. All the money the waitresses earn goes into a tip jar, and the tips are split evenly between Katli and Sigri at the end of every week.

The great hall consists of a large open area, with an enormous vaulted ceiling that rises approximately 70' from the ground level. Along the west wall are private dining and meeting rooms, and a stairwell that leads down to the cellar. On the North wall is a large hearth big enough to roast two full sized game animals, used for heating the hall, and cooking. The center of the hall is filled with long tables. In the Northeast and Northwest corner of the hall are stairways leading to the second level, where there are private bed rooms, and a common sleeping area.  The Cellar contains ale and wine barrels, dry food stores, the main kitchen, and a chute where goods and firewood are delivered. Dimensions: 75' x 50' x 70' (LWH) Firewatch Hall Map
Firewatch Hall Rates
Unless otherwise noted, all rooms include meals
Room / Night
Room / Night
Common Area 5 Silver Private 2 people 4 Gold Breakfast, Bread, Fruit, Butter, Fish 5 Silver
Private 4 person 7 Gold private 1 person  1 Gold Lunch, Bread, Fish, Venison  Stew 1 Gold
Cellar 3 Silver Private / Hour 1 Gold Dinner 2 Gold
Cellar Storeroom 1 Silver 
(No meals
2 Adjoining Rooms 12 Gold All / Day 2 Gold, 5 Silver

Snowshade meeting hall
Noblemans' Home - Alvir "The Rider" Sigval, a 17th Level Valir guide (retired) lives here with his extended family. AC:0 Htk: 51 Mve: 12/18 (mounted). Alvir is armed with a +4 Blue Crystal Scimitar, a +2 Clear Crystal Battleaxe (+4 vs. Goblins & Orcs), and a +2 Longbow "Fannuk". Also carries 20 +2 arrows, and 30 regular arrows.
The Marketplace
The Bath Cradle (Freshwater pumphouse, wells, and baths) Atler the Waterman, 
Garrison Hall
The Endfast House (Tavern)
Notable Personalities include the Wizard Drenia. The Ice Elven Children 

Notes - NA = Number Appearing, HD = Hit Dice, MU = Magic User, AC = Armor Class, Htk = Hits to kill, h.p. = hit points ALN = Alignment (LWH) = Length, Width, Height (DH) = Diameter, Height, Int = Intelligence prob = Probability (expressed in percent).

Random Encounter Table Roll 3x per day within Snowshade. Once an encounter is used, it is up to the GMs' discretion whether to use that encounter again or re-roll...
Die Roll 
Snowshade Village
01-04 Talari, The Ice Elves
05-09 Valir, Ice Beserker Clan
10-14 Clerics of Frigga
15-19 Ice Ship Crew Members
20-24 Merchant
25-28 Vendor
29-35 Village Guard
36-40 Lumberjacks
41-42 Traders Guild Members
43 The Snowshade Trade Master
44-45 Craft Guild Members
46 The Snowshade Crafter Guildmaster.
47-51 Event (See Event Subtable)
52 Crystalmeer Castle Lord
53-56 Cartage Guild Laborers - Load and unload cargoes from Ice Ships, use deer and snow steed sleds.
57-59 Drunken Valir
60-62 Clerics of Frigga - Rescue Ski patrol
63-65 Ice Ship Captain
66-70 Fishermen
71-72 Village Councillor
73-74 Noble Woman with guards
75-76 Noble Woman with escort
77-80 Courtesan
Village Guards
Town Crier
Nobleman with guards
Nobleman with escort
Nobleman with ladies
Ice Goblins, sneaking around town in disguise. 
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