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Science Fiction World Creation Notebook

Two of my favoritescience fiction roleplaying  games over the years has been Traveller® ,  published originally by Game Designers' Workshop and also a TSR hobbies (Now Wizards of the Coast, Inc. game,  Gamma World®.

Traveller is set in the far future, in a time when man has reached out to the stars, and space travel is as routine as travel by automobile today.  In the expanding empires of man, the game sets you on a world, perhaps within the ancient and decadent Imperium, or on the fringes of known space. After a short career, or school where your  character develops a basic skillset, you are set to begin exploring the galaxy, one planet at a time.

Gamma World is also a science fiction game, the one that takes a dim view of the world. In Gamma World, man himself in the early 25th cenrtury unleashed the four horsemen of the apocalypse, upon the four corners of the earth. A nuclear holocaust begins a dark age of biohazards, plagues, genetic mutations, and the anarchy of the shadow years. It is the year 2471, and you, as leader of a band of men, a band of mutants, or as an artificial intelliegence war machine, are about to embark on a voyage of rediscovery, finding the lost valuables of the greatest race, mankind, in a world of post-apocalyptic
madness and death. From here the paths to science fiction world creation  diverge , and you, dear reader have a path to choose:

If you choose the dark path, and wish to further explore the wastelands of earth in 2471  Click Here.

If you want to explore the blackness of space, and perhaps meet a silent death, Click Here.

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