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Snowdon'ya, Crystalmeer
Old City Harbor, Snowdon'ya Crystalmeer
Map of Snowdonya (Jpeg)
Snowdon'ya  Map Key - Scale 1 hex = 352 yards or 1,056 feet. For orientation, consider North to be at the top of this map. The Snowdonya River varies in width from 352 yards (over a thousand feet wide at the mouth!) to 150',  and varies in depth from 85' to 40' going shallow as one travels upstream. Each elevation line is roughly 80 feet high, and one travels uphill going west away from the sea. There is a mix of trees here, mostly conifers, Larch Pine, Fir Trees, and Blue Spruce, make up the majority of trees in the area. The trees vary in height from just a few feet tall to over 120 feet in hieght, and fifty feet in diameter. The trees are burned as fuel, and the lumber mill provides various cuts and qualities of wood for construction, for shipbuilding, for papermaking, and for export. Because it is always cold, only small plots of land are under the plow. Food is expensive, and is imported in quantity to this community. The local diet is dominated by fish, and supplemented with snow oxe, deer, caribou, winterberries, blueberries, dandelions, horseradish, and mushrooms found locally. (also oats, and barley are available in small quantities in season (two summer months)

JG Hex #  Description
 0811  Lair / Caverns - Home to a pride of intelligent snow cats. Snowcats are giant white panthers NA:8 AC:5  HD:6 Mve:20 Aln: CN HTK: 35, 27, 23, 18, 17, 17, 9, 7 Dmge/Attk 1d6/1d6 claws, 1d8 bite. These intelligent predators speak to each other with a cat language composed of purrs, yowls, growls, howls, and screams. They have an agreement with the city elders, and are for the most part undisturbed ranging around the city attacking monsters, wild game, and other predators that would threaten them, the Ice Elves, and other people. Snowcats sometimes agree to serve as mounts for humans and demihumans, and prefer the company of outdoorsmen. The two young snowcats will only do 1/2 damage when attacking, and at any given time 2-4 of the cats are gone, out hunting. The snowcats take only 50% of normal damage from cold based attacks and weapons.
Treasure:  A chest with 150 gold coins, and 250 silver pieces, 4 gems, two daggers, a longbow, and a +1 Longsword. The snowcats use the treasure to trade for fresh meat when game is scarce, and for medical care.
1210  Snowdon'ya  Watchtower - This tower was carved out of white crystal a long time past, by the elves in the region. A natural formation, it stands 120 feet high, and is 70 feet in diameter at the base. A small detachment of elves NA: 3-18, still man the tower, keeping watch for invaders, and providing help in poor weather by lighting a beacon in the hieghts of the tower that can be seen forty miles away on a clear night.
1505  Monastery of Vali. Aln: LN The servants of the eternal light reside here. Priests of Vali are excellent bowmen and archers, and are sworn enemies of the Ice Giants. Vali was half-giant himself, and the youngest son of Odin. It is said that Vali was once changed into a wolf to slay his own brother! Followers of Vali are specialists in vengeance, are often mercenaries, and are known to keep wolves as a familiars. Priests of Vali ask no tithes, only blood money to exact vengeance, or often, a person wronged will offer a tithe to Vali in the temple, in the hopes Vali will notice, and send a priest or mercenary to exact vengeance upon the worng-doer.
1524  Seven Trolls Inn & Tavern. This is a travellers Inn on the south road out of town. Owned by Thantri Reygast, a 10th level CG Illusionist. Ice ships frequently stop here right before entering town, and right after leaving town as it is the last rest stop before entering the wilderness of Crystalmeer. With 24 large guest rooms, a large tavern, a large kitchen, stables for horses, and pens for giant snowcats, Seven Trolls is a place to go if you want to meet travellers or catch up on the latest gossip.
 1809  The Black Axe Inn. This is the Northern Travellers in, owned by Rilgard Starhyn, a 3rd level fighter, Aln:LN, and local nobleman. Rilgard is usually accompanied by 2-7 bodyguards/followers of the 4th-7th level, and employs fourteen people to staff this cozy Inn. The Black axe is a converted barn, and has 12 rooms, and stables. Space can also be let on a budget if one is willing to sleep in the Hayloft above the tavern/dining area of the Inn.
 1819  Snowdonya Training Camp - A training camp for new recruits, and veteran guards, of the city guard. This small keep also serves as an emergency fortification, and backup command center, in the event of war, raids, or during emergencies.
 1911  The Lumber Camp - Sturmgard of Hammerhaven, a 5th level dwarf warrior, Aln: CN, owns this lumber camp employing 517 individuals. (Humans, Elves, and Dwarves.) Here is a complete sawmill, quarters for lumberjacks, a large kitchen, lumber storage warehouses, stables, a toolshop, a smithy, a forge, several store-houses, a company store, and several hay barns. Sturmgard has an agreement with the Ice elves and Druids. For every tree that is cut down, three saplings are planted and tended by the lumber camp staff. At any given time, over one hundred of the employees are gone from the camp, out in the wilderness with Druids, and Rangers, tending young trees. The rest of the Lumberjacks will be found in the area around the lumber camp six days a week cutting down trees, or working at the Sawmill. All the wood cut from trees is used, and one outbuilding processes the wood-pulp into paper. At the end of the day, many of the Lumberjacks can be found at the Black Axe Inn washing down a hearty dinner with a few mugs of "Black Death" ale.
2310   The Cliffs - Along the river valley for over a mile, these are steep icy rocky cliffs 60-90 feet tall.
2318  2319, 2417, 2418, 2419, 2517, 2520, 2613, 2614, 2615, 2617, 2618, 2713-2719, 2812,  Snowdon'ya, The City
2224  Lord Ferellyns' Estate - Lord Ferrellyn, a human 11th level fighter / 9th level merchant, Aln: LN, owns this vast estate with 200 acres of surrounding pastures. Lord Ferrellyn is the Old City Dockmaster, and in charge of loading and unloading ships that anchor in Snowdon'ya harbor. He has a wife, and three children, along with staff of thirty on the estate. The staff includes a dozen bodyguards, and two mages from the merchants guild assigned to protect Lord Ferellyn. There is a 40% probability that Lord Ferrellyn is at home any given evening hosting a dinner for ships' captains that have their ship currently anchored for loading or unloading in harbor. Ice ship captains are also frequent guests at dinner as well, there to exchange news with their brethren on the sea.
2420  Elvenhome Estate - This is the formal embassy of the Ice Elves in Snowdon'ya. Laril "Ice Master" Eira Gwyden, also known as Snowtree, a 14th level Wizard/12th level Fighter is the ambassador  to the citizens of Snowdon'ya and is the final arbitrator in all matters concerning the Ice Elves in this area. He is frequently consulted by the local authorities concerning affairs of Crystalmeer. Snowtree has a seat on the high elven council. There are approximately one hundred other elves at Elvenhome at any given time as well as a score of invited guests. 
2516  Stadia / Playhouse / Forum - This coliseum seats over two thousand. Further it is where all the people of the city meet to discuss politics, to make decisions, for festivals and during celebrations. Some religious ceremonies are held here from time-to-time by different religious groups. The forum also hosts performances put on by travelling bards, and plays put on by travelling players.
 2712  Temple of Thor - Priests of Thor,  Aln: CN, are often warriors, and employ great hammers and shield in battle. Clerics of Thor are granted miracles to control the weather, and favor lightning, and other electrical spells. Followers of Thor enjoy drinking, are often hot-tempered, or quick to anger, over trivial matters, but are generally friendly and open, unless insulted. Followers of Thor typically focus on living a good wholesome lives, carousing, hunting evil giants, and hunting other fell creatures. Often followers of Thor can be identified because they wear a golden amulet in the shape of a hammer.  This temple is no exception, and includes guest quarters, and a great feast hall. Warriors are often invited into the great hall to tell tales of their prowess, valor, and battle skills to followers of Thor. On occassions, demonstrations of this prowess are in order! Followers of Thor tithe a small portion of their booty, or earnings, to the temple to keep in the good graces of Thor. (It helps that in lean times, one can go down to the temple and enjoy a good meal and the cups!). Many Dwarves can be counted in the ranks of the followers of Thor.
 2719  Snowdon'ya -- The New Docks. These docks were built to accomodate more trade ships both for import and export. Traders and Merchants prefer the Old City Docks, and will anchor there unless no space is available. The Dockmaster here is a human, Armand Dyril, an 8th level merchant / 5th Level Fighter, Aln: N. Armand considers himself a crafty trader, but in reality is only average. The new docks have a theft problem, cargoes are known to dissappear here, without a trace. Armand works hard to identify the thieves ring responsible, but has had no luck so far. Whether this is on purpose, or accidental, is unclear.
 2813, 2815, 2816  Snowdon'ya -- The Old City - The Old City is the oldest portion of Snowdon'ya. Constructed mostly of stone, the Old City is surrounded by a twenty-five foot wall. Within the old city is snowdon'ya castle, The city guards barracks, merchant square, the old city docks, civil service structures including the jail, city administration offices, court house, and residences of the original settlers and important families.
 2814  Old City, Westgate - The West Barbican separating the old city from newer parts of Snowdon'ya.
 2913, 3113  Old City, Residential Quarter Longtime Snowdon'ya citizens have their homes here... as a result, it is mostly an upper-class neighborhood, filled with sea captains, mid and high level merchants, mages, and city officials
2914-15, 3014  Old City, Merchant Square. Every day, traders and merchants setup to do business. A simple license costing ten (10) gold coins annually are all that is needed in order to setup a booth or stall. The merchants guild arbitrates all disagreements over space allocation, and booth location. The Merchant Square is close to the entrance of Snowdon'ya Castle for security reasons, and most of the trade in the city is conducted here.
 2916  The South Gate - The only other entryway large enough for wagons and sleds to enter the Old City. The barbican marks the southernmost limits of the Old City.
 3013  The Old City, Guard Barracks - The city guard numbers over 500, with 200 guard members being on duty at any given time throughout the city. If trouble developsthe guards call on each other using horns, that each guard detachment carries around with them. If severely outclassed, the city guard will summon an alert group of combat veterans including knights, and wizards, from snowdon'ya castle.
 3015  The Old City Docks - With room for six large vessels, and countless smaller vessels, the old city docks is the heart of the Snowdon'ya port, allowing merchants to carry goods transferred from Ice Ship inland for export, and controlling inbound sea trade to the rest of the continent. Typically, there is a wait for several days in Snowdon'ya harbor, before a spot opens up, and a ship is permitted to dock. Snowdon'ya Castle has its' own dock here as well, a great stone quay where up to two large sailing vessels can anchor at once.
 3114  The Old City, Docks & Warehouses - many different Traders guilds have warehouses here, Crystalmeer trade guilds store goods for export, and Importers store goods for sale to residents of Crystalmeer in this quarter.
 3213  Snowdon'ya Castle - Home to 65 Knights, 85 Squires, 5 mages, and 8 clerics of different faiths, 250 full time, veteran warriors, and Count Gelwyn Tulvari and family, and servants. Count Tulvari is a 17th level 1/2 Ice Elven warrior. Aln: LN, AC: -3, HD 17, HTK 124, Dmge/Attk: +4 Lt. Lance (1d12+5), +3 Crystalmeer Longsword (1d8+4), +3 Icebow(1d6+4) Mve 12/20. Count Tulvari is highly respected in this city, and mention of his name in any derogatory manner is likely to bring down the wrath of the locals. The Knights here favor lances, and snowcat, or snowsteed mounts. 
 2525  Settlement Ruins - Thirty-three (33) buildings, mostly houses, with charred and burnt wood, now frozen,  and mostly covered in snow and ice, sit on this small island. The stone foundations under the buildings are eroded, and the many excavation pits (buried under the snow, and not easily visible) attest to the fact that the area has been thouroghly searched already by treasure hunters. Four of the buildings still have intact basements covered in snow and ice, and careful search may reveal these basements. The settlement ruins have been here as long as any local alive can remember, and if the ice elves or a sage are consulted, they will reveal this the existence of the first human settlement at Snowdonya, and over eight-hundred years old! The settlement was originally destroyed during a dragon attack. A well in the center of town, now collapsed and buried conceals a chest in the ice with 180 gold coins, as well as 278 silver coins, and 57 copper coins. In addition, there are four  longswords, a crossbow, two daggers, a +3 Crystalmeer longsword, a +1/+3 vs. wolves dagger, as well as two bodies, that of a man and woman, entombed in the ice 130' down in the buried well. When the village was attacked, the man and woman lowered themselves into the well, and were accidently buried alive when the dragon collapsed the well by stepping on it. On moonless nights, visitors to the island, and ships passing by, have reported the sad ghost of a woman walking on the shore of this isle close to the ruins. The Ghost cannot be hit by normal weapons, and against magic weapons the ghost is AC:0 HD 8 Htk 34 mve:12. Dmge/Attk: 1 point of strength (Chill Touch -- if the victim loses all strength points they die) or 1-8 hits (slashing touch). Any below 5th level facing the ghost must make a saving throw versus fear, or flee in terror. Any hit by the ghost will turn the victims' hair pure white. Hair color will return to normal though as the hair grows out again. The Ghost can be turned by a cleric (as Vampire) but will always reappear to walk the shore during a full moon unless the body of the man and woman in the buried well are located and given a consecrated burial.
Notes - NA = Number Appearing, AC = Armor Class, HD = Hit Dice,  Mve = Move (Expressed in inches),  Aln =  Alignment, 
HTK = Hits to kill, Dmge/Attk = Damage per attack. 
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