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Forest Map 001 
Forest Hex 001 Scale - 1 Small Hex = 1,056 Feet
Forest Hex Map 001 Key - Scale 1 hex = 352 yards or 1,056 feet. For orientation, consider North to be at the top of this map. A wide four mile long ridge runs roughly north to south the center of this 5 mile hex. The Western river ranges from 60-80 feet wide, and 12-25 feet deep. The Northern stream goes to a maximum depth of 22 feet, and ranges from 50 to 80 feet wide. The Eastern River varies from 8-12' deep and 25-30' wide. The Eastern lake goes to a maximum depth of 50 feet. The Northern Lake is as deep as 70'  Each elevation line is roughly 100 feet high.(36M). The highest hilltop on this map is 425 feet above the river valley level. The majority of the trees here are Black Cherry trees. Black Cherry is a deciduous tree with small, smooth, elliptic, taper-pointed, leaves.In early-summer, it bears clusters of yellow flowers flowers that blossom into edible red cherries that turn black and soft in late summer. Bees are fond of the flowers and produce a medium grade honey. The bark fo the black cherry tree is smooth, and dark grey in color. The tree reaches hieghts of 20 to 85 feet and foliage diameters of up to 70 feet.
 Monster Lair - Shedu, NA 6. Shedu have the head of a man, the body of a horse, and great wings, like a pegasus. This pride of 2 males, 3 females, and one young female live in an ethereal palace, and the gate to the palace gardens is located here. In the palace, in the bedroom of the pride leader, in a chest is a scroll of protection from earth elementals, a potion of delusion, a +2 LG Scimitar, a potion of clauraudience, and a scroll of 4 first level druid spells, Animal Friendship, Detect Snares and Pits, Faerie Fire, and Speak with Animals.
Wheatfield, 3' high, green wheat
Wild Horses, NA 20. 5 stallions, 7 mares, 8 foals, all untamed.
Cul-De-Sac 110' deep
5- Signpost, 30' High Waytower 20x30 horse shed with no walls.
Ruins - The remnants of a natural rock bridge, partially sunken into the lake, overgrown with heavy thickets of brush and bushes. The bridge for the most part is collapsed and tumbled, with the vast majority underwater. Detect Magic will reveal alteration enchantments to the stonework. Racoons have taken up residence here, NA - 21. They will attack any who step onto the bridge itself.
 A large pile of cut wood 35' high and 115' in diameter. This marks where the Druids should leave the trail to go to the monastery to the Northwest
 Druid's Monastery. Home to 13 Druids, constructed of shale and handcut stone blocks. The Monastery is the size of a large farmhouse with enclosing 9' walls.
 Arinta's Home. Arinta is a 12th elevel CG elven bowman who at one time served as a guide for the Druids.He is apolitical and uninterested in money, searching instead for a lost elven maiden by the name of Silwen El-Tumil whom vanished without a trace almost 200 years before in these very woods.
Notes - NA = Number Appearing, LG = Lawful Good, Waytower = A waytower is an unoccupied three level 30' round tower, made of stone, used by travellers and merchants to gain protection from the wilderness. Typically the ground level of the waytower has a barred door, and stalls for riding and pack animals. A staircase leads to the second floor, which contains a hearth, or fireplace, and bedrooms, or crude wooden beds or cots.The third level is open to the sky, accessible by a trapdoor and ladder from the second level. a 3' wall borders the circumference of this level. The 3rd floor serves as a lookouts' vantage point, and a place to fend off attacks on the tower itself. Trees have been cut, and the brush has been cleared for 100 paces around any waytower.
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