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Mountain Map 001 
Mountain Hex Map 001 Key - Scale 1 hex = 352 yards. For orientation, consider North to be at the top right of this map. Elevation lines are marked in feet, are in 250' increments, and are on the outside perimeter of the map. 

A rapid whitewater river that is extremely difficult to navigate with a boat runs northwest to southeast in this 5 mile hex. There is a large lake, 85' deep at its' deepest, that runs off in a 227 foot waterfall. The major river ranges from 100-270 feet wide, and 1-35 feet deep. The highest mountaintop on this map is only 3,144 feet above sea level. The majority of the trees here are maple trees. The pine trees are fir type pine trees 4-80' tall. The maple is a 80' to 120' tall tree is found in rich soils on slopes and valleys. The Maple is adequate as fuel wood and the tree sap is used to give a sweet flavor to foods.Maple is used extensively in furniture. Further it is difficult to work being a soft wood. Game in this region includes a wide variety of birds including Eagles, Hawks,  and Falcons. In addition, in the summer there are plentiful deer, mountain goats, wild sheep. Predatory cats and bears are also common in this area.

Guild Hex #
Abandoned house - Once a homestead, now simply a ruin. The roof has caved in, and most of the timbers have been removed leaving the floor littered with thatch debris. Part of the foundation is sunken, and the walls are fractured, and sheared, in the portion of the house that has settled. The floor of the house is covered in dried sand and silt where the river at one time recently has flooded and washed through it. The basement has collapsed as well in the area where the house settled and is no longer accessible. There is a dark musky mold growing in the corners and in the low areas. Outside of the house is a depression in the soft mud, approximately five feet long and three wide. Close examination will reveal this depression to be a giants' footprint. A detailed search of the house will reveal an undamaged diamond dust mirror worth 50 gold coins. 
0609, 0709, 0710, 0809
Ruins of a Settlement - At one time a whole village. Now all that remains are the knee-high foundation walls of over a hundred buildings spread out above the riverbank along one-third of a mile of the river. A simple search of the entire ruin will take a day, and a detailed search of the ruins will take three days. Part of the village has been washed out by crevices where rainwater cascading down the mountainside has eroded several great big Vs' into the hillside taking everything in these cuts into the river. This makes navigating through the village ruins on a mount difficult, and it is near impossible to get a wagon through this area.

Many of the foundations are overrun with vines, bushes and brambles as well. A careful search will reveal a Giant statue of a warrior on the eastern fringe of the village. The statue has fallen onto its' face. buried underneath the statue is a cage pit, and in the cage, partially buried in two feet of muddy silt are the remains of an elf and a human. The armor on the human has long since rusted, fallen away, and decomposed, as well as all the clothing and leather items. What remains is a skeleton covered in tatters that is crumbling away. The skeleton is still wearing a silver ring inlaid with a smooth black shiny stone. The ring is a ring of spell turning with seven charges still remaining in it. The elven skeleton is wearing elven chainmail. While non-magical it is perfectly preserved and grants the *small* wearer a +1 bonus to armor class. The elf has a gold chain with a marble-sized crystal around his neck. The necklace radiates an enchantment. When the moon is full, and is visible in the sky, the crystal will glow with a white soft light. The necklace is worth 850 gold coins, but is worth much more to the elves as the dead elf placed his spirit into the necklace so that his kin could carry him into the next world. the necklace has no other enchanted properties.

Cavern - This is an old Lava Tube cavern that angles almost vertically down into the mountain. Ropes are necessary to make a descent into this 10' diameter sinkhole. It goes downward for 60', opens into a 10' diameter 30' deep horizontal cut. There are two exits to the cut, the high exit is 6' in diameter, is at the far end of the chamber about 20' up and runs for an additional 46' before dead ending into rock. The low cut is in another pit, about a third of the way down the horizontal cut chamber, is 4' in diameter and goes downward an additional 40'  opening into a cavern 18' wide, 50' long, and 13' high. A single giant rat lives in the cut chamber, and feeds on worms, and the occassional helpless animal or creature that falls into the sinkhole.

The giant rat is blind but has an acute sense of hearing, and can strike it total darkness. It is hungry, and will stalk any prey that falls into the cut chamber AC5 HD:2 Htk:7 Mve:9 Dmge/Attack:Bite for 1-3, Two claws for 1-2 each. Any successful hit has a 10% chance of infecting the target with a disease, or the plague. 50/50 prob Exp: 112 There is no treasure to be found here, The cavern would make a good stronghold with some work though,  Lava Tube Map

Ruin - The ruins of a Monastery, partially sunken into the mountainside, covered with loose rocks. Portions remain intact, but the entire monastery is balanced precipitiously on the mountain, ready to slide down the mountainside at any time. Its' rumored hereabouts by the locals that a dragon attacked this place after the clerics running the monastery refused to pay tribute to the Dragon. The ruins are of course, empty, devoid of life, and there is a 30% chance each time someone travels into the immediate vicinity of the monastery that they will trigger a rockslide that will bring the monastery 1000 feet down to the ground. To survive such a collapse would merit 400 experience points per person.  Monastery Map
1011, 1111 Wooden Bridge - This 200' long 15' wide wooden bridge crosses over a 110' wide whitewater river that is 18' deep. The river is running rapidly to the east, and if one falls off the bridge and is plunged in the rapids, the raging waters will carry the fallen downstream at a rate of 160' per round. If the fallen can't find purchase on the rocks, or get out of the river in 12 rounds they will go over a 175' waterfall that falls to the lake below. Often knights passing through the mountain pass will encamp at this bridge and challenge other traveling knights to a duel, and on ocassion mountain bandits will elect to stop travelers on one end of the bridge or the other as well.
Encounter - Ambush - GM, roll the bones for an encounter here... The trail is narrow, the climb up the ridge steep, and visibility is only 100-150' in any direction in the best of circumstances.
Woodcutters Shack - A human woodcutter lives here with his wife and four children. He doesn't bother anyone, but is not looking for company either. Offers to buy wood are met with a positive response, however.
Theris Torvun Lvl: 4 AC:9 Htk 17 Dmge/Attack Woodcutters Axe (1d6). Theris has a lockbox with 32 gold coins and 57 silver coins.
Waterfall - The thunderous roar of this waterfall can be heard for miles around. This is a 227' waterfall that is almost 190 yards wide. Water 4' deep torrents over the rocks and spills down the mountainside. Behind the waterfall, beneath an overhang just above the level of the lower lake is a small elven village. An underground passageway 3,258 feet long going through a maze of lava tubes allow the elves a dry access to the village beneath the waterfall. The lava tubes tunnels slope upward and comes out at hex 2012.
1822, 1922
Ford - Here the river is only 3-4' deep, the river is moving slow here, and the ground is firm allowing mounts and wagons alike to cross the river. 
Secret Cavern Entrance - This is a well concealed Lava tube that shoots down at a steep angle some 300' before leveling off some and continuing southeast. While there is a small maze of Lava tubes, intersecting tubes, chambers, intersections,  sinkholes, and pits, staying in the largest tube will bring one to the elven village under the waterfall at hex 1715.
Farm - A steading by the lake. Gerwyn Talheim, with his family farms a patch of land here. He is a retired fighter who has decided to settle down, and has picked the place he likes best. He can only be found in the vicinity of the farm 30% prob in the daytime and 70% prob at night as he is off hunting, fishing, and gathering food and supplies from the wilderness in the area. The farm itself is protected with a Glyph of Warding. anyone approaching within 100' of the Farm must make a saving throw or go blind for 2d6 turns. The Glyph generates such a powerful flash that if Gerwyn is anywhere in this valley, he will be alerted that someone is at his farmhouse. 35% probability that Gerwyn is away, he and his family are visiting with the elves in the Waterfall village.
Lvl: 8 AC: Htk: Mve: Dmge/Attack: ALN: 
Mountain Stream Inn
2510, 2511
Wooden Bridge - This 70' Long 15' wide bridge washes out several times a year during heavy rains, and is maintained by the elves residing in the waterfall village. A group (3d6)  travels to this bridge a couple times a month to check it out. Wandering knights seeking a challenge will also encamp at the bridge and challenge all who seek to cross. 
Cavern - Monster Lair
Mine Entrance - A diamond mine. 
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