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Crystalmeer Continent 
Crystalmeer Map  
Crystalmeer Map Key - Scale 1 hex = 5 miles or 8 kilometers  For orientation, consider North to be at the top of this map. North of Merthyr, in the cold arctic region of Tamerthya lies the hidden elven Kingdom of Crystalmeer. Concealed in the cold and snowy wastes of the north are the high elves of Tamerthya, famed throughout the lands for their knowledge and use of magic. Great cities of crystal and Ice are rumored to exist in the north though few have seen them. What is known about the secretive elven nation is this. It is a mixed economy, iron-age, patrilineal, oligarchy; meaning it is ruled by the high elven council comprised of prominent or long  lived elves of the north. The Crystalmeer elves are highly civilized, and maintain a standing professional army, small units are comprised of 10-50 elves. No one knows for certain, how large an army exists in Crystalmeer.

Around the elven kingdom are several communities of primitive norsemen, raised in the cold of the north, these barbarians and beserkers are comprised of small and loose knit clans found almost  everywhere in the north. Often they are distingiushable in battle by their fierce mounts, half-wild, giant  snowcats, the great white panthers of the north. They are also known for their  snow steads, the Ranhyn, great white horses that ride over,  instead of on, the snow of this region. The snow steads are related to the great horses of the Ranhyn. Great sleds called Ice Ships sail on the winds of the north over the ice, and snow, bringing trade goods to the scattered communities.

Several northern human kingdoms exist as well. Just south of Crystalmeer is the Island Kingdom of Narda. Narda is a matrilineal, copper-age, tribal oreinted, fishing community that only rarely trades with other kingdoms and duchies.It maintains an all volunteer army of almost 500.

To the Southeast of Narda is Gwynedd, also an Island of Fishermen. Gwynedd is an iron-age, matrilineal, clan-oreinted society that, like Narda, is closed off from the rest of Tamerthya by the cold northern seas. The whole society is at-arms and units range from notable individuals to large groups of 10-100 men and  women.

On the western tip of the Eastern Wilderlands is the Kingdom of Colwyn. Settled some 200 years ago by a group of colonists from Merthyr, Colwyn has flourished as one of the only nations that have a trade agreement with the elves of Crystalmeer. Colwyn is a mixed-economy, iron-age, bilateral, fuedal nation ruled by a loose confederacy of Lords, Dukes, Barons, and Knights. These are the high-men of the North. Good democratic peoples that aggresively  protect the other  weaker nations of the North. A standing professional army of warriors exist here. To be a warrior is regarded as a high social class here. Tactical units range from 2-10 individuals and strategic units are comprised of 100-500 men.

Dee Dungeon (Ruins)
Dee Village
East Spear Village
Ice Bridge
Snow Tower 
Crystalmeer Castle 
Ruins of Taliriya
Cave / Mine
North Tefi Castle - Tefari
Caverns / Mine
Tilar (village)
Tilar Tower
Caves / Caverns
Crystalmeer (Elven City)
Cartos (Village)
Tarfaliya (Village)
Snowdon'ya (City). The largest port city on the Crystalmeer continent. Home to approximately 27,000 individuals, mostly humans, with a high number of ice elves as well. Ships sail to this port and the cargoes are unloaded, then immediately reloaded on Ice Ships for the journey inland. Snowdon'ya Map
Narda (Town)
Caves / Caverns
Narda Castle (Ruins)
The Ice Tower
Caves / Caverns
Caera Ruin (city)
Carsil Tower
Vardil (Ruins)

Notes - NA = Number Appearing,
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